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An unending incubus in Gaza…

I was hopping across the internet today, like a round stone skimming the surface of a still pond, when I found an interesting article about Palestinians living in terror. The article is from ADC, which is the American-Arab Discrimination Committee. I’m not sure what they do, except lobby for money in Washington, like most committee's.

The article says that the Palestinian people are living in terror, because of the war that has ensued over one person.

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) reiterates its deep concern and condemns the ongoing crisis in Gaza, which is further exacerbating the inhumane living conditions of the Strip's 1.4 million Palestinian residents. Yesterday, an undisclosed number of Israeli troops amassed at the border of the Gaza Strip. Additionally, the Israeli Air Force missiles struck several bridges, and Gaza's only power plant, leaving nearly 65% of its residence without electricity and running water, and further restricting movement.

Additionally, last night the Israeli Air Force began to deliberately produce sonic booms over heavily populated areas in Gaza, which have been proven to cause psychological and mental damage as well.

Israeli Officials have stated that this offensive is in response to the June 25 attack and subsequent capture of Cpl. Gilad Shalit as prisoner. In response to the military operations, the Israeli human rights agency Btselem warned that the power shortages and lack of water would severely impact health conditions in the area. The group added that the Israeli government should only use methods consistent with international humanitarian law to secure the release of Cpl Shalit.

I asked a gentleman that is from Palestine, and still has family there, why they would vote in a terrorist organization as a government body. His answer was that the old government was a bunch of crooks, so they figured that Hamas was better. Well, I try to not get into aspects of other cultures that I’m not familiar with, but do they really think they are better off.

It does sadden me deeply, that the innocent have to pay such a heavy price for ignorance on both sides, but like my buddy Phil said, “Israel will essentially be at war forever”. What’s your say?



What kind of thoughts does this cover bring forth?

Now, before you start calling me gay, for subscribing to the New Yorker. I am not gay, nor have I ever been that way, nor am I ever going to be gay, not that there is anything wrong with that (Seinfeld). I subscribe for the short stories, along with the poems that are submitted from time to time. Also, they have some very interesting articles. A few weeks ago they had letters from American troops, stationed in Iraq. Interesting reading, to say the least. Down south, you would stand to get kicked in the head, if you walked around reading a New Yorker, so I don't go around telling just anybody. My family would give me hell, if they knew I read it. I've been a loyal subscriber for almost a year now; in fact, I have posted about ads in the New Yorker before.

FOX News Chairman, Roger Ailes is on the warpath, after viewership dropped 22% during prime time. He basically said that the staff was getting lazy and complacent. I like to watch Hannity & Combs, because they fight and bicker all the time. It is amusing to me for some reason. FOX is still NO. 1, but he better tighten up the ship, if he expects it to stay NO. 1. What's you say?

Slackers at Fox News Channel, you’re on notice! Your boss is not pleased. Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes is on the warpath following his network’s recent ratings slump, and he won’t hesitate to clean house to turn things around.

So far during the second quarter, the No. 1 cable news channel’s primetime schedule has dropped 22% in its core 25-54 demo and 8% in total viewers. The first quarter was even worse.

Chief rival CNN has also dipped in recent weeks, but less dramatically, off 18% in the demo and 2% in total viewers.

Insiders say that, even though Fox News remains No. 1, Ailes is fuming over the complacency he senses among staffers.

Production values are slipping, and bookers aren’t competitive enough, relying too heavily on the same pool of faces and settling for authors or actors after they’ve already been on CNN or … gasp … MSNBC.


A Shot in the Dark...

This is a short story that I wrote almost two years ago, yet I felt that it was worth putting on the blog. I hope you like it, for it's about me, of course. Not all of my short stories are about me, but this one is about a decision I made, that affected the rest of my life, so far. Although, I feel that we have those kind of life altering decisions put upon us everyday. Let me know what you think.


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Liftoff is scheduled for 3:49p.m. Saturday afternoon, for Space Shuttle Discovery. The last thing I want to hear on the radio or see on TV, is another space shuttle explosion. I know that they are running out of time to complete the Space Station, but human lives are always more important than science, or at least they should be. In the past, lives have been sacrificed for the furtherance of science, but I ponder that we are beyond that type of discovery.

Space exploration has brought us a ton of grand inventions such as, dialysis machines, CAT scanners, cardiovascular conditioner, freeze dried food, water purification, and cordless power tools just to name a few. Those inventions derived from the Apollo missions. The benefits that we reap everyday from space exploration are incomprehensible. What's your say?

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (Reuters) - NASA said on Thursday it is ready to lift its ban on space shuttle flights, convinced that only another launch will vanquish lingering safety concerns with the ship's fuel tank that were exposed by the 2003 Columbia disaster.

"It's been a long year with a lot of hard work," shuttle deputy program manager John Shannon said at a news briefing.

Mission managers cleared shuttle Discovery and its crew of seven for launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Saturday. Liftoff is scheduled for 3:49 p.m. EDT (1949 GMT).

NASA's top engineer and safety officials had argued to delay the launch until additional repairs could be made to the shuttle's fuel tank, which triggered the loss of Columbia and the deaths of seven astronauts.

Michael Griffin, the U.S. space agency chief who made the final call to proceed with launch, has acknowledged that any major technical problem likely would end the shuttle program permanently.

But with the fleet set to retire in four years, time is running out to finish building the International Space Station. Griffin decided that even if the worst-case scenario occurred and Discovery sustained Columbia-like damage from a debris impact during launch, the shuttle crew could live aboard the station while they awaited rescue.

Columbia was damaged when a piece of foam insulation fell off its fuel tank and hit the shuttle's wing during launch. It broke apart 16 days later as it flew through the atmosphere for landing.


You've got to watch this video. It is Spongebob Squarepants singing Pump It, by Black Eyed Peas. :-)

Israeli Troops on the Move...

Hamas brought this move on themselves. I just hate that innocent lives will be caught in the crossfire. When will they ever learn? Why they had to go messing up a perfectly good peace process, I'll never know. Perhaps someone could explain it to me. Israel pulled out of Gaza last year, to bring peace and ease to the area, but did that convince Hamas of anything, No. I don't understand why the Palestinian people would vote in these tyrants to begin with. All they have done for the Palestinian people is brought tyranny and death. I hope the people of Palestine don't wait until it is to late, to kick the terrorist (Hamas) out.

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli armored vehicles pushed into the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday, widening operations aimed at forcing Palestinian militants to release an abducted soldier.

A Palestinian security source said several tanks had rolled across the Gaza border before dawn opposite the town of Beit Hanoun. There was no immediate Israeli army comment.


Folks, I'll be back to my normal posting later on this evening. I just finished sitting through a four hour meeting, that was utterly useless, and to top it off, I've got to go cut grass for a few hours in 31 degrees Celsius weather. How American is that? I'll have some interesting and hopefully thought provoking post tonight. :-)


Episode 17

The - I'm High on Caffeine, and Sober on Love Episode of The Jefferson Davis Saga.
In this crazy Episode, Flowers are orderd, letters are written, and I question a young lady about politics, of which she knows nothing. I also ask her what she thinks about Mr. Bush and the Iraq War. She also gives a few choice words about immigration, Myspace, and Jett Loe. I find out what people do in my hometown for fun, as if I didn't already know. Another crazy, yet educational episode of the Jefferson Davis Saga. Sumsofly also picks out a band to play a song at the end of the show, by the way, Sumsofly is her code name. Stay tuned for the next Episode, for there will be more antics, women, and banter...

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Whoa, it's the late, but great Episode 17 Of the Jefferson Davis Saga

I knew that it would only be a matter of time, before Hamas attacked Israel. After all, they don't even believe that Israel has the right to exist. I'm afraid that Israel will attack them back, and the whole back and forth attack will ensue again! I can only hope that Israel keeps a cool head, and ignores their blatant attempt at starting a religious war, that they have already proclaimed against the Hebrew people. I'm trying not to take sides, but I find it hard not to side with Israel. Behave, after all, you are cousins. Well, I guess we are all cousins, in one fashion or another. What's your say?

RAFAH, Gaza Strip (Reuters) - Hamas militants launched on Sunday their first deadly raid into Israel from Gaza since an Israeli pullout last year, killing two soldiers while another was abducted, in an assault in which two attackers died.

The infiltration, through a tunnel militants dug under the Gaza border fence to reach an army post, raised tensions along the frontier to their highest point since Israel completed its withdrawal last September after 38 years of occupation.

Israeli leaders ordered the army to prepare for "urgent military action" and a "harsh response", including targeting civilian infrastructure and possibly striking at elected leaders of the Hamas-led Palestinian government, officials said.

Israel's Channel One television said the cabinet had authorized an aerial blitz against militant targets and an Israeli ground strike into the Gaza Strip. It said that Israeli troop reinforcements had been moved to the Gaza border.

But Israeli ministers decided to hold off on any immediate action, and allow two days for talks through diplomatic channels to try to free the soldier, an Israeli political source said.

Brought to you by REUTERS/Amir Cohen

Hi there folks, I appreciate the patience that you have put forth. I have been editing like a mad man tonight. I'm going to think about it, and return to it in the morning. The show should be up by tomorrow night. Thanks...

Most people that are amongst the living. know that you can get time with the president for an undisclosed amount of money. This was inherently evident during Bill Clinton's days as president, and it is still going on today. It has probably always been in existence, but secretly. Now, we have proof of such negotiations.

A lobbyist, by the name of Jack Abromoff has been facilitating these negotiations with prominent Republican Grover Norquist via Email. Jack Abramoff is most famous for the Indian Casino Lobbying Scandal last year. Norquist has close ties to Abramoff, and due to this new evidence, will probably be indited himself. What's your say?

Bush_kahgegab Those who were solicited or landed administration introductions included foreign figures and American Indian tribes, according to e-mails gathered by Senate investigators and federal prosecutors or obtained independently by The Associated Press.

"Can the tribes contribute $100,000 for the effort to bring state legislatures and those tribal leaders who have passed Bush resolutions to Washington?" Norquist wrote Abramoff in one such e-mail in July 2002.

"When I have funding, I will ask Karl Rove for a date with the president. Karl has already said 'yes' in principle and knows you organized this last time and hope to this year," Norquist wrote in the e-mail.

A Senate committee that investigated Abramoff previously aired evidence showing Bush met briefly in 2001 at the White House with some of Abramoff's tribal clients after they donated money to Norquist's group.

The 2002 e-mail about a second White House meeting and donations, however, was not disclosed. The AP obtained the text from people with access to the document.

The tribes got to meet Bush at the White House in 2002 again and then donated to Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform, or ATR.

Though Norquist's own e-mail connects the $100,000 donation and the White House visit, ATR spokesman John Kartch said Norquist never offered to arrange meetings in exchange for money.

Instead, Norquist simply wanted Abramoff's tribes to help pay for a conference where lawmakers and tribal leaders passed resolutions supporting the Bush agenda, ultimately securing a brief encounter with Bush, Kartch said.

"No one from Americans for Tax Reform ever assisted Jack Abramoff in getting meetings or introductions with the White House or congressional leaders in exchange for contributions," Kartch said, suggesting some of the e-mails might be misleading.

"If you look at some of Abramoff's e-mails to third parties, they might be misread to suggest that he was misrepresenting or confusing support for a project with a specific meeting," Kartch said. "This could have been deliberate or just unclear."

Kartch said only tribes and legislators that passed resolutions supporting Bush during ATR's conference got invited to see the president for what he called a "thank you speech."

Lawyers for Abramoff declined comment.

The Gobbler...

All the starvation in the world, and we have a hot dog eating contest.

Provided by (AP Photo/George Olivar

CRANBURY, N.J. — With sweat pouring down his face, a 42-year-old courier from Moonachie methodically gobbled 22 hot dogs in 12 minutes Friday to win a regional hot-eating competition and a slot at Nathan's Famous Fourth of July eating contest in Coney Island, N.Y.

Pat Philbin, known in the competitive eating circuit as "Pat from Moonachie," beat 12 veterans and newcomers to competitive eating to be crowned the New Jersey Turnpike Regional Hot-Dog Eating Champion at a highway rest area.

"Eating is a natural thing," said Philbin, who stands 6-feet-2 and weighs 310 pounds. "People want to see how fast you can run, how high you can jump, how much you can eat. It's the evolution of sport."

Sleep tight America. There is no starvation, fighting, crying, sorrow, and no war. Yeah Right... Sleep tight in those warm lies, that the government provides you. Stay drugged up and asleep, for the world will just pass you by.

Perhaps that was a bit much. Since I have returned, I can't help but notice the drowsiness of America, while everyone I met in Ireland and Northern Ireland was filled to the brim with life. I know I've been in a depressing mood since I got back to America, but I can't help it, I miss the culture and the vibrant people. People that yearn to learn about life, in all of its instances. My heart is troubled, for everything I see is a disgrace to past generations, that worked so hard to make America a great country.

I hope this bloke had a grand time eating all of those hot dogs...


I have been asking myself lately, what are they good for. I love my family, but I am a bit irritated with them, at present. I have always been the rock, or psychologist of the family. The minute I have a problem and need an ear to listen, they turn away, in hope that I will go astray, I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, and I would eat a bullet for any of them, but at times I wonder why I have to be the one with the ear.

Always turning an open-ear,
for those that are near.
All the years of hearing your disasters,
so that you could become life’s master.

How many times have you cried on my shoulder,
so that you could become bolder.
All the tears I’ve dried,
so that you could be of good cheer.

Now, I have troubles,
and you turn a cold shoulder.
A should that is cold as ice,
that eats at me like lice.

Meek I may be,
but weak I will never be.
I empowered you,
so that you may be showered in success.

All I want is an open-ear,
from those that I hold dear.
All I needed was a minute,
for you to refute my actions

Actions that I will never retract,
for that would not be abstract.

Yes, even I’m confused from this poem. I’ll work on it tomorrow evening, and repost it.

This is a very touching story. A boy threw a bottle in a lake, with a message in it, over eleven years ago. The bottle turned up eleven years later, and one year after his death. Read the story...

ANTIGO, WIS. — Years after casting a bottled-up note into a lake for a class project and just one year after his death, a man's childhood message has been found and returned to his mother.

Eleven years ago, a then 10-year-old Joshua Baker wrote the message nestled in an empty vanilla container, his mother, Maggie Holbrook said. He died last February following a motor vehicle accident in California. He had recently returned home after serving in the Middle East as a U.S. Marine.

"I think he was just letting us know he was OK and to keep doing what we are doing," Holbrook said.

The message surfaced in White Lake in late April, just days after the 11th anniversary of its casting. It was found by one of Baker's closest friends, Steve Lieder, of Antigo, she said. Lieder and two friends were chatting near the lake when they looked down and saw the bottle. They broke it open and found the note inside:

"My name is Josh Baker. I am 10. If you find this put it on the news. The date is 4/16/95."

They immediately took it to Holbrook, who said she is now having the note preserved and will display it in her home.

She can remember when her son wrote the message for the school project. She said she always wondered why they didn't put it in the nearby Wolf River, which has a much stronger current.

"I still remember the day he wrote it," Holbrook said. "I couldn't understand why they threw it in the lake. No one would ever see it again. Now I know."


Obviously, the American economy is controlled by oil, as I have previously posted. The price of a barrel of oil only went up .52 cents to $70.85, which caused the DOW to drop 26.24 points in early trading.

Reluctantly, I am going to start investing outside the United States. Yes, that's right, I invest in stocks, as well as own several pieces of property. What's a matter, you don't think this Southern boy is smart enough to invest? I may work for a large Retail company, and I may also be an IT consultant, but I'm still a smart son of a gun.

Assumption is the mother of all screw ups, yet people assume that I'm too stupid to talk, much less do anything else. Never assume anything about anybody, for that is a dangerous proposition. My investments, and family investment ties are the only reason I have not studied in Europe yet. Allthough, I am trying to work out something with the family, so I can study at Queen's or Reading University this fall.

OK, everyone knows that Bill Gates is my No. 1 Idle, but Denis Leary would have to be in a close second. Not only is the guy Irish, but he's cousins with Conan O'Brian. Well, I don't know if that is a blessing or a curse. He's actually a stand up guy. He has written, directed, produced, and starred in countless films and TV shows. Also, he started the Leary Firefighters Foundation charity, which donates money and helps firefighters families.

Founded the Leary Firefighters' Foundation charity in response to the Dec. 3, 1999 warehouse fire that killed six firefighters in his hometown of Worcester, MA. His cousin Jeremiah Lucey was among the six heroic firefighters killed. Leary also established a second division of LFFF, the Leary Firefighters' Foundation Fund for New York's Bravest in response to the FDNY's losses in the Sept. 11th attacks.

Anybody that can do all of that, and still be related to Conan, is a stand up guy, in my opinion. Nah, I'm just kidding, Conan isn't really all that bad. What's your opinion?



What are your thoughts on the whole MySpace fiasco? MySpace, where they have no mace, for the teenagers to spray in the eyes of filthy child molesters. Yep, that is my thought. Myspace is like any other communication medium that has come and gone over the past few years. Any teenager that does not understand the dangers, and is unattended, while on-line, is in danger. Of course, the same could be said for a kid walking on the streets alone. It is the same situation, if you think about it. Parents must become more involved in their kids lives.

I think there should be one universal rule, when it comes down to Internet use. Each family should have their "family" computer in a central location, where mom and dad can keep an eye on what is going on. I know people that have a computer for each one of their children, and they are in the children's rooms. Who knows what they are doing on ye old Internet, after mom and pop have gone to bed. Computers are a necessity, but not that necessary. When I was a lad, computers took up whole rooms, well to be honest they were about the size of a washing machine, but still, nobody had one. I didn't get a computer, until I was in middle school (The last year of Primary School). Ah, the glory days of the Commodore 64...

The temperature rose to a sweltering 36 Degrees Celsius, where I live today, so be thankful, if you live in a mild climate. I took the picture below, while out on my normal daily walk. I normally walk a minimum of five miles, but I only did about four today. Have a great Thursday folks...


This is a precursor to Episode 17, explaining what Episode 17 will be about. However, I do not go into detail about the script. I will be doing a precursor in the middle of each week, to let you know what will be on the upcoming episode. Have a grand week all...

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Today, President Bush, warned North Korea to not test their new long range missiles. North Korea has made agreements in the past, that would prohibit them from testing long range missiles. In other words, if they test these missiles, they would be breaking a previous agreement, between the United States and North Korea.

North Korea and Iran wouldn't be laughing at our warnings, if our troops were not already spread thin. America has no respect in the world anymore. Largely because of Bush, but they know that our military is already spread so thin, that we couldn't take on another country. They are using it to their advantage...

Bush, speaking in Vienna after talks with EU leaders, said North Korea must abide by international missile test agreements.

"North Koreans have made agreements with us in the past and we expect them to keep their agreements," Bush said.

"For example agreements on test launches -- we think it would be in the world's interest to know what they're testing, what they intend to do on their test," he told reporters.

Washington says there is evidence North Korea might test-fire its Taepodong-2 long-range missile and has activated a ground-based interceptor missile-defense system in case Pyongyang goes ahead with a launch.

South Korea's Yonhap news agency said the North wanted talks with the United States over its planned missile test, a sign Pyongyang might be ready to step back from the mounting crisis.

Washington ruled out any special talks over the issue which it, along with South Korea and Japan, says poses a grave danger to a region already worried by North Korea's nuclear ambitions.

P1000459_1 Here are some pictures I took a few minutes ago. This little character is very photogenic...

P1000452 P1000453 P1000454 P1000456

Sorry for my absence...

Great literary minds have said that if you want to learn about life, go to the bars (pubs), so that is is exactly what I've done tonight. I'll be back to normal posting tomorrow, but I'm tore out of the frame tonight, so have a great Wednesday all, I'll be back with more tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for commenting. I really messed up, and I'm trying to make a mends with the woman in Northern Ireland, but I don't know if she will ever forgive me or not. Only she knows the answer to that. I apologize for my stupid southern American behavior, that has messed things up between us. I did learn a valuable lesson, that I will not ever forget.

Jagermeisterbtl_1 Red_bull


There are some people in the world, that would love it if the rest of us (peasents), would never aspire to do anything with our lives, except work and eat. Every man, woman, and child on planet earth is creative in one form or another, whether it be art, building the ultimate, creating innovative technologies that make our lives easier, or creating offspring that conquer one of many great things in life. Aspire to be the best that you can, and when you reach that goal, reach for the next one. Never be satisfied, I'm not. Life is too short, not to give it your all...



This picture is a hint of what Episode 17 will be about. No, it's not about trains, but they are an important part of the segment. Have a good week all...


Pen in hand...

Ever since I got back from Ireland, and Northern Ireland, I've been writing like a mad man. The novel I'm working on and Poetry have been pouring out of me like sweat. I don't know if it was the culture, people, my eyes being opened for the first time, or was it the woman that I met in Belfast. Perhaps, it was the combination of everything together, that changed me for the better. People within my grasp say that I've changed, but I think that the blindfold that the American Machine blinds us all with has been ripped away. Well, perhaps that is wrong, we see what we want to see.

I'm the same humble Southern American, but with eyes wide open, instead of shut, like most people. I'm the same courteous, caring, genuine, and loving individual I have always been. Perhaps that is my downfall. What are your thoughts...


I know I'm a little late, but better late than never, right. I wrote this poem for my Grandfather, who was a mail carrier from the time he left the military, until he retired. It is a work in progress. I have to get in a certain mind set, in order to write poetry, and it didn't hit me until this afternoon, while walking around the block, like I do everyday. Anyway, let me know what you think. I write my own birthday and special occasion cards, simply because I believe that it conveys more feeling to the person you are giving it to. To just go and buy a card is lazy. Write down how you feel, for he or she will appreciate that far more than a mass produced card.

What can be said about a father?

A father so dear to his daughters,

which he holds near.

Carrying heavy bills,

up rolling hills

An unfading will,

that will never stand still

Carrying heavy mail bags through rain, sleet, and snow,

mail bags that seem to grow,

as the wind begins to blow.

Every item of mail,

carries another tale.

A tale that will prevail,

as long as he can deliver the mail.

A man of true bravery,

bravery to walk every road.

Roads baked by the suns beams,

that carried a dream.

A dream for his daughters,

that they had not yet seen.

By Jefferson Davis


The - I'm High on Love, and Sober on Alcohol Episode of The Jefferson Davis Saga.

In this Episode I discuss my time in Ireland, and how I got treated like dirt by the locals in Dublin. The Temple Bar, and Quay's Bar are discussed. I talk about the anti-American sentiment that broke my heart, and how a Northern Irish woman mended it. I call myself a Jackass several times, as well as other people discussed on the show. Several hard lessons were learned during the trip, and I give a few tips, and have a few questions for the locals. Also, I sincerely apologize for my behavior.

Come back next week for Episode 17, where I return to the past and love is found.
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The Sun is Frying my Brain...

It is a sweltering 29 degrees Celsius here in South Carolina, with a humidity of 72%. I can't even think right, in this weather. This picture is worth a thousand words, literally.


Missing you already Bill...

You can poke fun at Bill Gates all you want, but without his competitive attitude, the computer industry would not be what it is today. If Steve Jobs (Apple), and Bill Gates (Microsoft) hadn't been such fierce competitors, the computer world would be a lot different. They pushed each other and their employee's to come up with new inventive technologies. I might even poke fun at Bill sometimes, but the road-map that he and Steve Jobs laid can not be denounced.

Gates, 50, said Thursday he will remain the company's chairman after transferring his daily responsibilities over a two-year period. One of the key people taking on Gates' responsibilities is technology luminary Ray Ozzie, who developed Lotus Notes and came to Microsoft when it acquired his company, Groove Networks Inc., in 2005.

The move will end an era at Microsoft, which Gates founded in 1975 with childhood pal Paul Allen and has been the public face of ever since. Gates said he is stepping back so he can focus more time on his philanthropic foundation, the world's largest.

The Redmond company on Thursday laid out a plan for other high-ranking executives to take on Gates' duties. Gates and Chief Executive Steve Ballmer also noted that recent corporate reorganizations have been designed to move more responsibility to lower-ranking executives, so the company could more quickly make decisions without Gates and Ballmer.

But, in an interview with The Associated Press, Ballmer conceded that there was no way to replace Gates.

"If we think anybody gets to be Bill Gates, I don't think that's a realistic hypothesis," he said.

Gates stressed that, although he was giving up day-to-day responsibilities beginning in July 2008, he would still play a role at the company.

"I'm not leaving Microsoft," he said.

Gates also said he had no plans to give up the distinction of being the company's largest shareholder.

"I'm proud of that," he said.


This is so obviously a fake email. Anybody that sends this fellow a dime has their own problems. Whoever wrote it, even misspelled the name of the cancer this fellow supposedly stricken with. I get this garbage a lot, and GMAIL usually puts it in the Spam folder, but not this time. Do you receive this junk?

My name is Abdulla Hassan, A Bahrain national I have been diagnosed with Oesophageal cancer .It has defiled all forms of medical treatment, and right now I have only about a few months to live, according to medical experts. I have not particularly lived my life so well, as I never really cared for anyone(not even myself)but my business. Though I am very rich, I was never generous, I was always hostile to people and only focused on my business as that was the only thing I cared for. But now I regret all this as I now know that there is more to life than just wanting to have or make all the money in the world. I believe when God gives me a second chance to come to this world I would live my life a different way from how I have lived it. Now that God has called me, I have willed and given most of my property and assets to my immediate and extended family members as well as a few close friends .I want God to be merciful to me and accept my soul so, I have decided to give alms to charity organizations, as I want this to be one of the last good deeds I do on earth. So far, I have Distributed money to some charity organizations in the U.A.E, Somalia and Malaysia. Now that my health has deteriorated so badly, I cannot do this myself anymore. I once asked members of my family to close one of my accounts and distribute the money which I have there to charity organization in Bulgaria and Pakistan, they refused and kept the money to themselves. Hence, I do not trust them anymore, as they seem not to be contended with what I have left for them. The last of my money which no one knows of is the huge cash deposit of Eighteen Million dollars ($18,000,000,00) that I have with a finance House abroad. I will want you to help me collect this deposit and despatch it to charity organizations. N/B:KINDLY NOTE THAT 20% of this funds must go to the tsunami victims and another 10% for your effort and time.

Mr.Abdulla Hassan.

The federal reserve has hinted of possible economic slowdown. Energy cost, inflation, and general hate for America, is causing the economic downfall. It is inherently obvious that energy cost (Oil), controls the price of everything, from an Apple to a House. If you can control the price and flow of oil, then you can control the economy.

For example, lets say that you sit down for dinner at a local restaurant, and decide to have a Spinach & Radicchio Salad with Mushrooms & Cashews. Complicated, yet a delicious salad. Why would I pick such an off the wall subject as a salad to prove my point? Well, think about it, don't we callously order food, without giving thought to the detail involved in the cost of food, or anything for that matter.

  1. The plate on which the food will be placed, after all, without a plate, you would be eating off the table. An average designer salad plate cost most restaurants about $15US, which is an average that I have gathered.
  2. The flatware, which must be utilized, to properly consume the food before you. The average cost for a full set of designer flatware for one customer will cost an average restaurant $15 to $30 dollars US. The company which makes the product has to pay for flatware blanks, machines to press the designs out, and people to operate the machinery, all of which use some form of energy.
  3. The salad leaves, which must be picked and shipped to the consumer. The cost of the farmers machinery, pickers, trucks to ship said product, that all consume one form of energy or another.
  4. The mushrooms, which must be tended and turned by mushroom pickers. All of this cost money, from the gas it takes for an employee to get to work, to the energy used to keep the mushroom farms at a constant temperature. Then, you've got more energy cost, with moving mushrooms all over the country, and refrigerating them, while in storage.
  5. Most cashews come all the way from Hawaii or Brazil, and I don't have to tell you how much fuel that consumes.
  6. The balsamic vinaigrette, which is partly fuel itself. Although, a few balsamic vinegars are manufactured here in the states, most are still made in Italy. Also, you've got to consider the olive oil, for the majority of it comes all the way from Spain, with Italy in second.

Do you see the devil in the details. Everything, at least in America, revolves around the price of oil. The price of a barrel of oil can rise one dollar and instantly change the price of french fries at McDonald's. Oil can make you or break you, wake you or take you. What's your opinion?


My eye's have been opened, since returning from Ireland. Americans are lazy in every theoretical way. I'm an American, and I'm certainly not ashamed of that, but we are lazy. Jeeezzz... I work six days a week, and even when I'm not working, I'm walking around stirring up trouble. :-) It's like a different world to me now. I don't know how something so evident didn't blatantly smack me in the face before.

Not all Americans are like this, but the majority sure is. I've noticed that people don't want to even learn new things. They want to be handed everything, including brains, on a platter. Teachers are having to come up with new inventive ways to teach children, because the parents have passed the laziness down to the children, and they can't even crack open a book. Yeeeessshhh

I have been a couch potato in the past, but I finally opened my eye's and realised that there was more to life than The Simpson's. I still watch TV, but only about an hour and a half every night. I'm usually writing or cooking supper during that time, so I probably don't even watch that much TV. I like Rescue Me, CSI, BONES, and Hannity and Combs for the news. I do miss the BBC, and all of those grand commercials I watched, while in the UK.

Get off your tail America, and make this world a better place. A fellow by the name of Baron wrote a great article a while back, about this very subject. Is America lazy in your opinion?

The Orange Order will be having a Parade on Friday in the North of Belfast. I can only hope that all goes well and no missiles or bombs are fired in the chaos which ensued the last parade. Don't get me wrong, I'm not poking fun at anyone or their rights to have a parade, its just that I worry about the people I know in Belfast. Remember something people, I may be an outsider, who doesn't know a thing about what you've seen or had to deal with, but we are all human beings, and we should treat each other with respect, especially neighbors and relatives.

The Tour of the North parade has sparked trouble in the past.

However, the North and West Belfast Parades Forum and the Ardoyne Parades Dialogue Group have reached an accommodation over it.

The marchers have agreed to limitations on a contentious part of the return leg of the parade while residents will stage a smaller protest.

The return parade will proceed down the same route as normal but will consist of only one band, a single banner and representatives only of the constituent lodges.

Music will not be played along the contentious part.

The Parades Commission has said it will not now make a ruling on the parade.

Tommy Cheevers, of the West Belfast Parades Forum, said they hoped this year's resolution would lead to the wider parades issue being settled.

"We've taken risks, the people of Ardoyne have taken risks," he said.

'Sensitive matter'

Mr Cheevers said they were trying to "create a shared space in that area" through dialogue "instead of bickering over contested territory".

"Anyone intending to cause any problems whatsoever should stay well away. They are not welcome," he added.

Last year, eighteen police officers and 11 others were injured during trouble at the Tour of the North parade.


Well, it appears that Mr. Karl Rove and his lawyers have squirmed their way out of another court case. Karl was facing possible charges in the CIA leak case, but money and power can get you out of all kind of trouble. Don't misunderstand me here, I've not leaped the political fence into Democrat land. I'm still straddling the fence as best as I can. Lets face it, the Republicans need Mr. Rove to plan the campaign for the November elections. Without him, they are sunk, and they may be sinking anyway, so who knows what will happen. I predict the Democrats taking over the majority by a slim one or two positions in November. What's you say? Feel free to opine..

As Bush's top political adviser, Rove is out from under the cloud of possible perjury charges and is now free to concentrate on helping Republicans keep control of Congress in what looks like a hard fought campaign.

"On June 12, 2006, special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald formally advised us that he does not anticipate seeking charges against Karl Rove," Rove's lawyer, Robert Luskin, said in a statement.

Fitzgerald has already secured an indictment from a federal grand jury against another senior White House aide, Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff, Lewis "Scooter" Libby.

In October, Libby was charged with obstruction of justice and lying to FBI agents and a grand jury during the investigation. He has pleaded not guilty and is scheduled to go to trial in January.

That prompted speculation that Rove, too, could face charges since he had also spoken to reporters in the case.

"We believe the special counsel's decision should put an end to the baseless speculation about Mr. Rove's conduct," Luskin said.


Hi folks, here is a precursor of Episode 16 of The Jefferson Davis saga. Sorry about the dismal mood, but my mind and heart are in different places. In other words, my karma is all out of sync. Hopefully, I'll be back to normal by Friday. Thanks, and stay tuned, because I'll be posting about politics and news from now on. I was planning on posting some poems over the next few days, but after what happened, I don't think I will. Anyhow, have a grand week all...

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A house panel decided to raise minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25. Would this be a good move for the American people? I think not. Why it may help the lower economy bracket for a while, it would only kill the stock market, and small businesses. Ponder this question, if a corporation has to raise pay $2.10 for each employee that is at the minimum wage mark, don't you think that they would look for employees elsewhere. That would mean more outsourcing and more Mexicans coming over the border illegally, and that is a whole other issue.

If you are a small business, let's say construction, and two options on who to hire, either a legal American that will demand proper benefits and insurance, or you have an illegal immigrant that does not require any benefits, nor do you have to take out taxes on said person. Who are you going to hire? It is very important that the US government fix this issue. I don't blame people for wanting to have a better life, so I'm blaming the companies hiring them. Personally, I do not believe that this would be a good move for the American people. Yes, the wages need to be hiked, but not such a dramatic amount at such crazy future-less time in America. I don't believe it will be passed, for it is a part of a much larger bill, which is funding health-care and educational programs. What is your say?

Seven Appropriations panel Republicans voted with Democrats to approve the wage hike, including John Sweeney and Jim Walsh of New York, Ray LaHood of Illinois, Jo Ann Emerson of Missouri and Don Sherwood of Pennsylvania.

"Now we'll see what they do with it." said Minority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., who sponsored the wage hike, based on a bill by Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., to raise the wage in three increments over two years. "We're going to make a very pointed issue out of this."

When adjusted for inflation, the $5.15 per hour wage is the lowest it has been for 50 years, according to a study by Center for Economic and Policy Research, a liberal-leaning think tank.

"The minimum wage is lower than it has been at any time since 1956," said Miller, the top Democrat on the House Education and the Workforce Committee. "Congress' refusal to raise the minimum wage shows an utter disrespect for millions of Americans who work hard every day and still struggle to meet even the most basic needs."

But Republicans counter that raising the wage would provoke inflation and lead to job losses, especially for young people just entering the job market.

At $5.15 per hour, a worker who works 40 hours a week for 52 weeks a year earns $10,712 per year.


Episode 16 Coming Soon...

Folks, I should have a new episode of the podcast up tomorrow night. I did the entire show today, but felt that it was too dismal and sad. I got some very emotional news this morning that wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t good either. Tears were flowing, so I’ve spent the better part of the day walking, trying to figure out what the hell I am going to do about the situation. Welcome to the Jefferson Davis Saga, or Train Wreck might be a better word for it today. Anyhow, I’ll hopefully be in a better, more upbeat mood tomorrow, so come back and see what this Opinionated Irish-American has to say.

While you are frantically waiting on pins and needles for the next Episode, go check out LTA. I was a guest on the last Chapter of LTA, so check it out! Have a great week all...


Hi there folks, I'm trying to survive a hangover, so please forgive my absence. I went out with a neighbor last night and had way too many Corona's. He kept daring me to drink, and anyone that knows me, knows that I'm always up for a dare.

I've had a lot on my mind, since returning from the trip. It seems at times that the whole world starts spinning faster and faster, until spiraling out of control, as it is today, but there is always hope. Never give up hope, whether it be love, job, dreams, ambitions or whatever you hope to aspire in life, never give up, because the minute you give up, is the minute you begin dying on the inside. Life is too short to drowned in your own sorrow, for you've got to get out and enjoy life to the fullest. Have a grand Sunday everyone.

I'm working on a new podcast episode, so I may possibly have it up by tomorrow afternoon. Thanks to everyone for all the kind comments, and thanks to all the kind and welcoming people in Belfast, Northern Ireland that I met. I may come back on my Christmas break, if things work out the way I hope.

Ouch, Germany beat Costa Rica in the World Cup Opener earlier today. I'm looking forward to watching the game on my ReplayTV as soon as I can. I was pulling for Costa rica on this round. I'm definetly going to keep up with the games. If you want a complete schedule, go here.

MUNICH, GERMANY — Germany beat Costa Rica 4-2 Friday in the opening match of the World Cup. Germany captain Michael Ballack missed the game with an injury but striker Miroslav Klose celebrated his 28th birthday by scoring two goals. Paulo Wanchope also had two for Costa Rica.

Defender Philipp Lahm, still wearing a special brace after surgery on his left elbow three weeks ago, curved a shot from the edge of the box in the sixth minute to put Germany ahead.

Lahm cut in from the left and got the space he needed when Luis Marin slipped, leaving Lahm plenty of time to aim his shot into upper corner.

Torsten Frings added the fourth goal for Germany in the 87th.

Earlier, Germany piled on the pressure and Bernd Schneider fired high from close range, but Costa Rica stunned the hosts in the 12th when Wanchope beat the German offside trap and coolly slipped the ball past goalkeeper Jens Lehmann.

Germany has well-documented problems in its young and inexperienced defense and its shortcomings were exposed again — while most of Germany's back line was signaling offside with their raised arms, Arne Friedrich was caught behind Wanchope.

It didn't take Germany long to recover.

Schneider broke through on the right in the 17th minute and passed the ball to Bastian Schweinsteiger, who sent a crisp pass to the far post for Klose to knock in.


Kiss and Tell...

I have broken the cardinal rule over the last few days. Something happened to me in Belfast, which I will not go into detail about on the blog. Anyhow, when I got back in town Wednesday, I started calling and e-mailing all my buddies, to let them know what happened, which I was so gallantly professing, as if I had conquered the world. It involved a woman in Belfast, and I don't regret what happened, yet I do regret running my mouth, or kissing and telling as some might call it. You see, I have four sisters, so I have a unique perspective of their point of view, but regardless of that, I threw my chest out and boasted like an imbecile. I don't regret what happened, but I do feel bad for my behavior, for I'm a stand up guy most of the time. I guess the testosterone was still in control. :-) There are no words to express what happened to me on that magical and muggy Saturday night in Belfast.


The phto albums for Belfast, Dublin, and the flights in and out of Ireland are on my main blog. Click on the pictures to go to the Photo Albums. I put up a lot of great photos, but there are a few crappy ones...

P1000381 P1000249
P1000149 P1000429


Tips for traveling to Ireland

  1. Only carry one suitcase. I’m an imbecile, for I had two heavy suitcases and a carry on bag. I don’t care how long you are staying, do yourself and your back a favor, just take one suitcase.
  2. Don’t go alone. Only stupid me would do such a thing. Of course, being alone did have its advantages.
  3. If you’ve never been to Ireland, take a guided tour of Ireland. It may seem cheesy, but trust me, you’ll be glad you did.
  4. Try to learn about the Euro before you go, and the pound and pence in Northern Ireland.
  5. If you are using travelers checks, then check bank locations near your hotel, and go ahead and get a few cashed at the airport.
  6. Make sure you have the correct voltage step-down adaptor, if you are coming from the United States. I had one, but I had to find the three-prong adaptor for it, which took the better part of a day.
  7. Be prepared for terrible directions, whether on accident or on purpose. I would ask somebody where something was in Dublin, and they would say, “Just 75 meters that way”, yeah, 75 meters that way, 150 meters the other way, and another 300 meters in another direction.
  8. Be nice and respectful. Don’t be an arrogant obnoxious American, for you will give us all a bad name, which we already have.
  9. Ship back anything you can to lighten the load on return.
  10. Respect their traditions and beliefs. Mind Yourself, as they would say; in fact, I had several Irish women tell me that. Do I look like I would start some trouble or something. Jeeeezzz :-)

Well, some people have been curious as to how my trip went, so here is an off the cuff review of The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. This is a short version of the full review, which I should have up in a few days. I’m having terrible Guinness withdraws, as there is only one pub in my town, that serves Guinness. I miss pub hopping, that was my favorite thing to do in Dublin.



I would have to suggest that you not use Shannon Airport. It is ok, but there is nothing within walking distance to visit, or even within a couple of miles. I spent a whole day there, when I landed, and it was boring. Some of the hotel staff was snooty, but that is just one person, and I did have a much – much better experience when I came back through that hotel on Monday. There is simply nothing to do there except sleep and eat. If you are going to land at Shannon, I suggest that you rent-a-car and go see some of the local sites, such as The Cliffs of Moher, Adare Village, Lough Derg, and The Burren in County Clare. You might as well enjoy the breathtaking views while in the Shannon Region.



OK, the first thing to get used to in Dublin is that everyone walks everywhere; you’d best be prepared to do some walking. I walk five miles a day, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for me. Second thing is that pretty much everybody hates Americans. Yes, you read that correctly, everybody hates Americans, so the baseball caps and obnoxious behavior do not go over that well. Another thing is that not to many people are willing to help you, but that is the same in any big city. Also, don’t expect to see an Irish majority in Dublin. Dublin is a cosmopolitan city, with many races and nationalities. A third of the population would have to be Asian, not that I have a problem with that, it was just a surprise to me. You also have tourist (ME) from Germany, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Canada, and many, many others. I thought that since I am Irish and I look Irish, I could get by without much anti-American bullshit, but that was simply not the case. They hate us, and they have the right to hate who ever they wish to hate.

Perhaps they have good reason to hate us Americans, because of the Bush presidency. However, let no country forget the sacrifices that Americans made during World War II. My grandfather, which would be 93 if he were still alive, had two of his fingers blown off by a German Grenade. Now, I did not sacrifice anything, and I’m certainly not expecting any special treatment, just genuine human respect, that I give everyone.

If you want to meet people and make friends, go to the Pubs, even if you don’t drink, you will still have a grand time. I met some interesting mates from Wales, Cypress, and Ireland of course. I almost got kicked out of the Temple Bar, because I had one too many pints and a bloke said some Anti-American rhetoric. Normally, I would just blow it off and go on, but that night I had had enough anti-American crap, and I slammed my hand down on the bar, which you don’t do, and said a few words back to him and left. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ireland, but it took a while to get used to the Anti-American sentiment. I understand why they are mad, to a certain extent, but I can’t understand why they have to be an arse to me.



First, let me say that Belfast was fantastic. Of course, I do have friends there and I did meet an enchanting Northern Irish Woman, while in Belfast. It is a small city, compared to Dublin, but a vibrant and colorful city. The people are welcoming and genuinely kind to everyone, even us Americans, which I needed by the time I got up there. The woman are beautiful, especially when the sun shines on the city. However, they are beautiful in Dublin and all over the country, but they seem more talkative in Belfast. There are several tours running out of Belfast. There is a city tour, which shows you the sites, including Queens University, Ulster Museum, and where the Titanic was built. They also offer a tour to Giants Causeway, which I recommend anybody taking. Three days is more than enough in the Belfast area. I had a wonderful time and hope to go back one day soon.


My favorite mural in Northern Ireland...