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I have been asking myself lately, what are they good for. I love my family, but I am a bit irritated with them, at present. I have always been the rock, or psychologist of the family. The minute I have a problem and need an ear to listen, they turn away, in hope that I will go astray, I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, and I would eat a bullet for any of them, but at times I wonder why I have to be the one with the ear.

Always turning an open-ear,
for those that are near.
All the years of hearing your disasters,
so that you could become life’s master.

How many times have you cried on my shoulder,
so that you could become bolder.
All the tears I’ve dried,
so that you could be of good cheer.

Now, I have troubles,
and you turn a cold shoulder.
A should that is cold as ice,
that eats at me like lice.

Meek I may be,
but weak I will never be.
I empowered you,
so that you may be showered in success.

All I want is an open-ear,
from those that I hold dear.
All I needed was a minute,
for you to refute my actions

Actions that I will never retract,
for that would not be abstract.

Yes, even I’m confused from this poem. I’ll work on it tomorrow evening, and repost it.


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