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Pen in hand...

Ever since I got back from Ireland, and Northern Ireland, I've been writing like a mad man. The novel I'm working on and Poetry have been pouring out of me like sweat. I don't know if it was the culture, people, my eyes being opened for the first time, or was it the woman that I met in Belfast. Perhaps, it was the combination of everything together, that changed me for the better. People within my grasp say that I've changed, but I think that the blindfold that the American Machine blinds us all with has been ripped away. Well, perhaps that is wrong, we see what we want to see.

I'm the same humble Southern American, but with eyes wide open, instead of shut, like most people. I'm the same courteous, caring, genuine, and loving individual I have always been. Perhaps that is my downfall. What are your thoughts...



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