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Oil Companies and Our Money

First, I would like to apologize for not posting; I’ve been busy with school.  It is hard these days not to notice how the oil companies are gouging Americans.  I’m not sure if they want to take that treacherous path of greed, because if they do indeed, they’ll surely face the punishment forthcoming.  The problem with gas prices is there isn’t enough competition; the main five are in cahoots with one another.  We are in dyer need for some change in this country.  How long are we going to take low blows without fighting back?  People, we are in the 10th round, we better come out fighting are be prepared to suffer the consequences.  The left-wing liberal cool-aid nuts are taking over.  Call your Senator or Member of Congress and demand something be done about these bigwig oil company presidents putting your money in their pocket.  What’s your opinion?


Katrina has been a disaster of epic proportions that nobody could have foreseen. Everybody is blaming everybody else; in fact, the Democrats are blaming the Republicans and vice versa. The president owned up and took responsibility for the catastrophe. I don’t blame the president, I simply believe that everyone involved from the mayor to the head of FEMA are to blame. As several people have said, there was no leadership, when it was needed the most. Regardless of whom did or didn’t do their job, Katrina destroyed and desiccated countless lives. I cannot fathom what those people had to deal with and what they are still dealing with today.

As Americans, we must gather together, instead of tearing apart like old tattered clothing. We should not expect anyone to help us, but we should all reach out to others when they are in direr need. I have donated to the Red Cross, and I recommend that you give if you are able. We live in the greatest country on Earth that has been prosperous since its insertion onto the world map. The ACLU and Left-Wing liberals are pulling out every tool to destroy our great country. We must fight with every part of our being to stop these horrendous attacks.

Several times a day I hear people complaining about the government, but these same people will never stand up and take action. What do I mean by action? If you want to make a change vote, and make your opinion known by writing your senator or congressman. Be educated about politics and get involved in your community. Most peoples stance is that if it doesn't bother them then why should they care. What most people don't realizze, is that everything affects us from the price of gas to taxes. Get involved...

I don't know everything, nor do believe that I know it all. I've lived through good times and bad, and I'm simply stating my opinion. It drives me insane when people complain but won't bother to vote their opinion. Whats your opinion?

By they way, just to let you know a little about myself. I work full-time in sales and go to college two days a week. Don't think however, that I am some opinionated kid, I'm 33 and seen a lot in my day. I will go into greater detail on my next post. I keep up with the news and politics via RSS feeds, and I read constantly.

Well, this is a hot topic today and throughout our history. I am not left or right, nor am I Democrat or Republican. I’m conservative on most issues and I’ll go more in-depth about that later. Anyway, this is ridiculous rhetoric that I see day after day. The left-wing liberals are crying racism instead of trying to fix things in our government. It is exhausting to hear this same card being played over and over. They need a new deck of cards if they expect to win in 2008. What must we do as Americans to get the left to realize that constant bickering will not solve anything?

I am not from a minority background, but my family had to work excruciatingly hard to make a good living. As Americans, we must realize that no government or person owes us anything. Now, I’m not stating that we shouldn’t help each other and be kind to one another; in fact, I’m just saying that we shouldn’t expect the government to keep us up. I totally agree that people that are disabled or single parents trying to make it on their own should get all the support they need.

That’s it for me tonight, I’ve run off at the mouth too much. Have a good day and god bless…