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Episode 44

Hello all, this is the raging Dr. Don. Jefferson, Jeffy, Shane, Shawn, Sean, or whatever he wants to call himself these days has disappeared. Before he left I was instructed on how this thing works, so if I do it write, if not oh well... He said he was going on a walkabout or something like that. Been going through a rough patch, so give him a wide berth if you see him in Ireland or wherever hes going too. Seems like he was mumbling about Baltimore, Banff, Belfast, Boston, or one of them other B cities? (He didn't bother inviting me, bastard.) Anyhew, he left the post below and an irate email, threatening me to post this or be beat to death like I'm scared of him, oh well? He said he'd be back in a week or so...

The - Holiday in Ireland Tips - Episode of The Jefferson Davis Saga.
In which, Yours Truly, Brian F., Dario Sanchez, Grandad, and Dr. Don give our best tips for holidaying in the Republic of Ireland. Grandad tells of his love for the West of Ireland, Brian discusses beer commercials, I tell an untold story about my stopover in Limerick, and Dario makes a plea for a guest blogger.

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