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Israeli Troops on the Move...

Hamas brought this move on themselves. I just hate that innocent lives will be caught in the crossfire. When will they ever learn? Why they had to go messing up a perfectly good peace process, I'll never know. Perhaps someone could explain it to me. Israel pulled out of Gaza last year, to bring peace and ease to the area, but did that convince Hamas of anything, No. I don't understand why the Palestinian people would vote in these tyrants to begin with. All they have done for the Palestinian people is brought tyranny and death. I hope the people of Palestine don't wait until it is to late, to kick the terrorist (Hamas) out.

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli armored vehicles pushed into the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday, widening operations aimed at forcing Palestinian militants to release an abducted soldier.

A Palestinian security source said several tanks had rolled across the Gaza border before dawn opposite the town of Beit Hanoun. There was no immediate Israeli army comment.



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