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Mischievous Leprechan Spotted in Alabama

I watched this video over on United Ireland's blog. I almost fell out into the floor, with uncontrollable laughter, after watching this video. I guess it's another day in the neighberhoooood for the people of Alabama.

Immigration or Denigration?

President Bush was at a summit in Cancun Mexico today, asking President Vicente Fox for border support. I think that this is a waste of time. Why would he offer to help us, when he's getting kick-backs from the Drug Lords. His pocket will not let him help us, and he is afraid to stand up to the drug lords, which run the country.

"This is a good start to a very important series of discussions," Bush said at the base of a pyramid.

The U.S. Senate opened debate on Wednesday with Republicans split on whether to back Bush's call for sweeping reforms to create a guest worker program and put several million illegal immigrants on the path to citizenship.

Conservatives in Bush's party, normally his allies, reject that as a form of amnesty and seek instead to erect a fence along a third of the U.S.-Mexico border and make illegal immigration a felony. The issue has brought out tens of thousands of mostly Hispanic protesters in major U.S. cities.

With his job approval ratings at a low point, immigration is a new test of Bush's political strength at a time when his second term has been beset by woes.

Indeed, there is no hope of Mexico controlling the border; in fact, I believe this is all a showing to ease the American distrust of Bush. If the senate passes this Bill that will legalize 11 million illegal aliens, you don't even want to know how mad that would make me, and other Americans. I have nothing against Mexicans, I just want them to go through the same procedures that everyone else has to deal with, when entering the United States.

My ancestors were immigrants, as most Americans were immigrants. The only people that belong on American soil, is Native Americans. I can only hope there is a few real, standup gentleman in Washington, that will make sure the right Bill is passed. Also, let me express my apologies for being absent on the blog. I hope that my life will be back to normal in a few weeks. What do you think about the border issue?

More post coming, I promise...

Hello there ladies and gentleman, I have been so busy over the past week, that I've not made time for the blogs. Hopefully, that will all change in a few weeks, as I'll have more time for blogging. In addition, I didn't have a podcast this week, because I've left at dawn everyday, and I haven't got home, until after dark. Anyway, thanks for all the great comments everyone, and I'll be back to normal posting tomorrow. Keep Blogging...

Well folks, it appears that President Bush knows about blogs. I’m a bit scared now. The President of the United States of America knows about blogs. Everybody thinks that Bush is a blubbering idiot, and if evidence were a proving factor in this case, then yes that might be true. However, I do not think he is an idiot.

"Our major media don't want to portray the good," said a woman in the audience. "If the American people could see it, there would never be another negative word about this conflict."

"One of the things that we have to value is that we do have a media," answered the President. "There's blogs, there's Internet, there's all kinds of way to communicate which is literally changing the way people get their information.

"So if you're concerned I would suggest that you reach out to some of the groups that are supporting the troops, that got Internet sites and just keep the word moving."

Aside from seeming to imply the mainstream media is not supporting the troops, the President's use of the word "blog" is as surprising to some as his sudden awareness of them.

Seemingly, if the President acts more like the common fellow, then those people that are not smart and simple minded will have a common bond. You see, if he goes around with that Bachelors degree from Yale, and the MBA from Harvard, then nobody would listen to him. By the time the 2000 elections came around, most Americans were sick of the slick talking President Bill Clinton.

I would never make the mistake of saying that President Bush has not made mistakes, and cost thousands of young American soldier’s lives. All I am trying to point out to you, is simply do not underestimate the man. He stutters, misspells, and spits out enough grammatical errors to make a English major throw up, but do not forget that it is just a show for Americans.

There is one thing that I’ve read on several blogs that really bothers me. Several bloggers have blamed Bush for 9/11, and that is just a bunch of bull. He had only been in office for about 8 ½ months when that happened, so to say that all of this is his fault, is outright bullshit. Please excuse the profanity, but it was deemed necessary.

The main point I’m trying to reach you with, is not to get sucked into that side-show, I’m a blubbering idiot crap. It’s just a show for the red states, including my state. That’s all folks What is your say?

Hi all, I’ve been so busy this week, that I let my post get slack, and for that I’m sorry. I’ve got so much crap going on, I feel as though the whole world is over my head, like the song. LOL The reason my post have been slack, is because I’ve been strung out all over the place. I’ve got work, other job on saturdays, school, and I’ve got something else going on that is taking up a lot of my time. I can’t tell you about that though. Perhaps, I will tell you at a later date.

Anyway, I’ll have a brand new podcast episode with a co-host tomorrow night, so be sure to check it out. Oh, if you’ll notice over on the top left of the sidebar, you should see different flags. (Main Blog) That my friends, is for different languages, just click on one to see it work. I’m trying to get my word (when I do have time to post) out in a universal format.

Windows Vista is delayed again...

Microsoft is delaying Windows Vista again. Will this new, pretty, crisp, and secure (I doubt it) version of Windows ever come out. This is driving me crazy, because I was hoping to take the new Server class this fall, but now I have to wait until Microsoft makes up its mind. The major PC manufacturers are going insane with all the delays, mainly because they were hoping the new version of Windows would boost the Golden Quarter sales.

The delay in Windows Vista — caused by Microsoft needing more time to enhance security and other functions — will come as a blow to Microsoft partners who were looking forward to a new operating system to boost holiday sales.

"It's a much bigger deal for the computer makers than it is for anybody else," said David Smith, a vice president with Gartner Inc.

I am looking forward to testing it out for myself, but at the same time, I’m sure it’ll be nothing but a headache, mainly because all the hardware manufacturers have to update their drivers. This is especially true for everyone that has existing hardware. No manufacturer gets in a hurry to update existing drives, unless it is for the corporate market. Go read the story and tell me what you think.

I should have a schedule up tomorrow, that will let you know what subject I’ll be posting about each day.

Thirty-Freaking-Four and holding...

That's right, it's my birthday. I went out and had a few drinks, and I went Geek shopping, which means CompUSA and BestBuy. I love the fact that I made it another year. What did I accomplish in a year? Well, this year I have met some interesting people, and I started my plans, for traveling to Ireland. Also, I may be going to the College of Reading in England for a semester. I've certainly not accomplished everthing I set out to do, but I did a lot. I usually get depressed on my birthday, but my friends and family always remind me that I'm lucky to be on this Earth at all, after all that I've survived. Anyhow, have a great Sunday all, and go listen to the new Chapter of Letter to America. Good Day...

Before you start screaming, just let me say this video is just for laughs. I have to explain to people all the time that Irish are not a bunch of drunks, allthough I do like a drink every once and a while. Oh, I found this clip mentioned over on Galvin’s Blog.

I could not get the embedded video working, so here is the link.

New Episode of the Podcast...

Hey there folks, I've got a brand new episode of my mypodcast up on the new blog.

Download the new Episode!

I have been working on a new blog for a while now. Finally, I have it looking good. I've been working on this new blog for about two-weeks now. I'm using WordPres, which is great, except that every little modification is a nightmare, but I finally have it looking good. Anyway, go check it out, and tell me what you think about it.

New Blog

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone ,includin leprechauns. Sorry about the screwed up blog design. I tried to modify my template for the holiday, but unintentionally made it worse than before. Anhow, I just wanted to bid each and every one of you a green holliday.

President Bush and his administration has rejected any idea of extending the May 15th deadline, for the new prescription drug program. My family has struggled with this as well. My grandparents have mulled for hours, over those freaking application forms. The forms are confusing and long as you would expect from the Government. I cannot ever understand why they don’t make things easier. Oh, I forgot, they enjoy seeing us mulling over papers.

SILVER SPRING, Maryland (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush on Wednesday rejected calls to extend a May 15 deadline for the elderly to sign up for a new prescription drugs plan despite complaints that it is too confusing.

At a meeting with residents of a senior citizen community in Silver Spring, just outside Washington, Bush said families of older Americans, particularly adult children, should help them sort out their Medicare options.

One woman, saying she was having trouble helping her 75-year-old mother make a choice, asked whether the deadline should be extended.

"No, and the reason why is there's got to be a fixed time for people to sign up," the president said.

The Republican-controlled Senate, meanwhile, narrowly defeated a measure that would have extended the deadline until the end of the year. Eligible people face a penalty if they seek drug benefits after May 15.

Seemingly, it will take the whole family to fill out these freaking forms. Quite a few senior citizens are eschewing the health care plan all together. However, most cannot afford to do so. We cannot turn our backs on the elderly. They have been through Wars, Dozens of Presidents, and they are still contributing to society today. This burns me like few other subjects. What’s your say? Wouldn’t you want to be taken care of, when you get that age?

Purity Poll

I love these polls. You can find out a lot about yourself by taking them.
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  • Don't date anyone if your moral purities differ by more than 30%.
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U.S. District Judge James Ware will most likely allow the department of justice to get excerpts of Google searches and the IP addresses that submitted the search. It is a sad day when Google doesn’t fight until its last breath for the privacy of its users. It’s not like Google doesn’t have the money to fight such cases.

Ware said he was reluctant to give the Justice Department everything it wanted because of the "perception by the public that this is subject to government scrutiny" when they type search terms into

On Jan. 18, the Justice Department asked Ware to order Google to comply with a subpoena. It demands a "random sampling" of 1 million Internet addresses accessible through Google's search engine, and a random sampling of 1 million search queries submitted to Google in a one-week period.

During negotiations, the Justice Department narrowed its request to 50,000 URLs and said it would look at only 10,000. It also said it wanted 5,000 search queries and would look at 1,000.

Ware said that the reduced demand, coupled with the government's "willingness to compensate Google" for up to eight days of its programmers' time, had convinced him to grant the Justice Department at least some of what it had requested.

I for one am not surprised by this, because after all, Google is not looking out for our best interest, just their pocket. I know there is always two sides to every story, but it still ticks me off. If the department of justice was just trying to catch child predators, terrorist, and drug trades, then I would be all for it, but my grandfather always said, “you give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile”.

If it were just to gain, access to IP’s that made those kind of searches, then I would take their side, but they are just getting random excerpts from Google. Personally, I hardly ever use Google to search. I usually know what I’m looking for. I worry about our future, because our right to privacy is waning swiftly. What’s your say?

Dan Brown is in court over possible copyright infringement. Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh are claiming that Brown basically copied a book they published in 1992, called Holy Blood. Dan is claiming that he came up with the idea of his book, before their book was ever published, which is impossible to prove, because he has no proof to back up his statement.

LONDON (Reuters) - The lawyer representing two historians who accuse Dan Brown of copying their work in his best-seller "The Da Vinci Code" told a British court on Tuesday he suspected the author had lied in his evidence.

Brown, in the witness box for a second day, was forced to defend his assertion that he had not read "The Holy Blood, and the Holy Grail" when he came up with the idea for his thriller.

Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, co-authors of the 1982 "Holy Blood" book, who are suing Brown's British publisher Random House, allege that he lifted their ideas wholesale.

Part of Brown's defense has been to say he wrote the synopsis for "The Da Vinci Code", one of the most successful novels with sales of around 40 million copies, before he became familiar with the "Holy Blood" book.

A Diffident and timid Brown is having to get used to the media circus that is surrounding this case. Although, the media is not as concentrated on him as they were during the Michael Jackson case, it is still drawing a lot of attention.

Personally, I don’t believe the “Da Vinci Code” for one moment. I was talked into buying it, but I put it down after two chapters from disgust. Does anyone have a comment on this very touchy subject?

Return to Green

My town just threw a huge festival, called Return To Green. Basically it is a Saint Patrick's Day festival, but they changed the name last year to lure in more patrons. Only about 8% of my state are of Irish ancestry, which is quite small, so the city come up with this plan to revitilise the festival, and it worked for the most part. I tried a ton of different Irish beers, some were fantastic, while others were terrible. There was one dark beer that had to be about 12% alchohol, because it was stout. I could smell the alchohol from ten meters away. It was also the beer that did me in for the day. I tried all kind of beers and didn't get drunk, but after about half of that dark beer I was tore up. Here is some pictures I took, while at the festival. They are terrible, because I was using my camera/phone. Thanks...

Loyal as an old Dog...

The Rock
You scored 6 constructivenes, 6 selflessness, 6 loyalty, and -12 supportiveness!

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The only problem here is that you may get a little smug sometimes, and some people just won't like you. They'll feel like you're judging them. But it's mostly balanced when you smile that inscrutable smile and ask, "Can I help?" And then -- here's the really good part -- you usually do help. Even if your friends don't always like the medicine, it usually works, and you'll be there hugging them when the fighting's all over.

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OMG - Check out this Camera/Phone

This bad boy is totally tweaked out with the latest gadgets and gizmos. This is right up my alley. A 10 Megapixel Camera with optical zoom to boot. Not only is it a fantastic camera, but it's also a cellphone. It's a Samsung SCH-B600. Samsung makes great phones, but I've had expereience with some of their older Camera phones, and they were pathetic. Hopefully, this one will knock my socks off. What do you think?

After controversy and fighting within both parties, DPW transferred power of six US ports over to a US company. I’m overwhelmed with emotion, for democracy has worked at its best, at least in this situation. The political supporters caved under public pressure. I love America.

Some of you may not agree with me, that the port take over was a bad idea, but that is what makes democracy great. We can disagree and come to a calm and concise decision on important matters, such as these. However, I don’t believe that this whole Dubai situation is behind us as of yet. Although, a senior Bush administration official said, “I'm told it will be a complete sale and if that's the case, I can't imagine it not answering the problem”.

I don’t believe any greased up, smiling from ear to ear politician, for all the bull shit I’ve seen over the years. There are a few good politicians, but note that I wrote a “few”. Trying to find an honest politician is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, literally.

I hope I’m wrong, and this business is behind us, but every day brings a new beginning or end, depending on how you want to look at it. What’s your say?

Civil Unrest in Iraq...

Most Americans, including myself, believe that a Civil War in Iraq is inevitable. “More than seven in 10 Republicans and eight in 10 Democrats and political independents believe civil war is coming, showing that the public's assessment of the situation cuts across party lines”, according to the Washington Post.

I would have to agree with this poll whole-heartedly. I hope that there is no Civil War, because thousands of innocent bystanders could be harmed or killed. This is especially true for the American and UK troops in Iraq, which are still trying with all their might to hold it together.

President Bush’s approval rating is still in a steep decline, and it will continue to decline until Iraq’s Civil unrest is put back in order. Citizens of any country are like a house of cards. Once one starts to faultier, the rest of the house starts to fall in upon itself.

How can we put Iraq back together? Well, everyone has heard the old story about Humpty Dumpty.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All the king's horses and all the king's men

Couldn't put Humpty together again.

I’m afraid that Iraq has the same problem. We have tried to put Iraq back together, but to no avail. The citizens of Iraq must lift themselves up, and collectively bring themselves out of Civil unrest. What’s your say?

  1. Wake up! (Whatever)
  2. Eat Breakfast
  3. Read the news
  4. Go to Work (Yawn)
  5. Get in a swear fight with someone
  6. Leave Work (All right!)
  7. Go out
  8. Go home
  9. Study
  10. Read my favorite blogs and check the news
  11. Call the family-Mom, Dad and Sisters (I’m a mommas boy) LOL
  12. Go to sleep, hoping for another fun filled day.

My life is not quite that pathetic, but pretty close during the workweek. I’ll hopefully have some interesting post early in the week. I’ve been very busy over the last few weeks, so I’ve been slack on blogging, but hopefully I’ll be back up to par in a few days. Thanks for all the comments folks…

Left-Wing Californians back Death Penalty

Sixty-three percent of 500 polled Californians back the Death penalty. I cannot believe that the people of California want the Death penalty to stay in place. Only 32% voted against the Death penalty. I have always perceived that the people of California were to Liberal to support Capital Punishment. Melvin Fields, who has polled Californians for half a century said, "In the overall view there has not been much change in the last 45 years”. I wonder where the majority of these people live. There are few places in California where conservatives reside; in fact, you might say that they hide in the shadows, hoping to not be discovered. I have nothing against Liberals or Conservatives, for I am a little bit of both genres. What’s your say?


Well, it appears that I'm a Totalitarian. Take the quiz and tell me how you ended up in the political spectrum of things...
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