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Oil went up, stocks went down...

Obviously, the American economy is controlled by oil, as I have previously posted. The price of a barrel of oil only went up .52 cents to $70.85, which caused the DOW to drop 26.24 points in early trading.

Reluctantly, I am going to start investing outside the United States. Yes, that's right, I invest in stocks, as well as own several pieces of property. What's a matter, you don't think this Southern boy is smart enough to invest? I may work for a large Retail company, and I may also be an IT consultant, but I'm still a smart son of a gun.

Assumption is the mother of all screw ups, yet people assume that I'm too stupid to talk, much less do anything else. Never assume anything about anybody, for that is a dangerous proposition. My investments, and family investment ties are the only reason I have not studied in Europe yet. Allthough, I am trying to work out something with the family, so I can study at Queen's or Reading University this fall.


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