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Indolence of America...

My eye's have been opened, since returning from Ireland. Americans are lazy in every theoretical way. I'm an American, and I'm certainly not ashamed of that, but we are lazy. Jeeezzz... I work six days a week, and even when I'm not working, I'm walking around stirring up trouble. :-) It's like a different world to me now. I don't know how something so evident didn't blatantly smack me in the face before.

Not all Americans are like this, but the majority sure is. I've noticed that people don't want to even learn new things. They want to be handed everything, including brains, on a platter. Teachers are having to come up with new inventive ways to teach children, because the parents have passed the laziness down to the children, and they can't even crack open a book. Yeeeessshhh

I have been a couch potato in the past, but I finally opened my eye's and realised that there was more to life than The Simpson's. I still watch TV, but only about an hour and a half every night. I'm usually writing or cooking supper during that time, so I probably don't even watch that much TV. I like Rescue Me, CSI, BONES, and Hannity and Combs for the news. I do miss the BBC, and all of those grand commercials I watched, while in the UK.

Get off your tail America, and make this world a better place. A fellow by the name of Baron wrote a great article a while back, about this very subject. Is America lazy in your opinion?


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