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An unending incubus in Gaza…

I was hopping across the internet today, like a round stone skimming the surface of a still pond, when I found an interesting article about Palestinians living in terror. The article is from ADC, which is the American-Arab Discrimination Committee. I’m not sure what they do, except lobby for money in Washington, like most committee's.

The article says that the Palestinian people are living in terror, because of the war that has ensued over one person.

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) reiterates its deep concern and condemns the ongoing crisis in Gaza, which is further exacerbating the inhumane living conditions of the Strip's 1.4 million Palestinian residents. Yesterday, an undisclosed number of Israeli troops amassed at the border of the Gaza Strip. Additionally, the Israeli Air Force missiles struck several bridges, and Gaza's only power plant, leaving nearly 65% of its residence without electricity and running water, and further restricting movement.

Additionally, last night the Israeli Air Force began to deliberately produce sonic booms over heavily populated areas in Gaza, which have been proven to cause psychological and mental damage as well.

Israeli Officials have stated that this offensive is in response to the June 25 attack and subsequent capture of Cpl. Gilad Shalit as prisoner. In response to the military operations, the Israeli human rights agency Btselem warned that the power shortages and lack of water would severely impact health conditions in the area. The group added that the Israeli government should only use methods consistent with international humanitarian law to secure the release of Cpl Shalit.

I asked a gentleman that is from Palestine, and still has family there, why they would vote in a terrorist organization as a government body. His answer was that the old government was a bunch of crooks, so they figured that Hamas was better. Well, I try to not get into aspects of other cultures that I’m not familiar with, but do they really think they are better off.

It does sadden me deeply, that the innocent have to pay such a heavy price for ignorance on both sides, but like my buddy Phil said, “Israel will essentially be at war forever”. What’s your say?



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