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A few pics at me Mums House...

Please excuse the pictures. They are a bit blurry, and I couldn't take but a few, because I didn't bring my SD memory stick. Max, the dog, is a sweet dog, regardless of how ferocious he appears to be. Oh, there is one picture of my truck. :) New post coming soon...

Stud:  Have to keep him away from the ladies.  :-)

This is my horse, which has power steering. DeerDodge Dakota SportHarmless Maxx

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Gas is cheap, at least for now...

Sorry about the blurry picture, but it was raining...

Gas is cheap at the moment, but it could climb back up at any instance. I'm not gloating...No, I would have to ask myself a serious question in order to do that. How many American, British, Australian, etc. soldiers had to die, in order for me to get cheap gas?
America: $1.97
UK: £1.04602

It is a hard question to ask ones self, but a correct question. Most Americans could care less, whether we are winning in Iraq, losing the war on terror, or about the political mud slinging, as long as they can get their essentials to survive. One of those vital essentials would be gas,of course. Another would be cable or satellite TV, so they (myself included) can sit around on their bums and watch Oprah and American Idol.

I would guess that I'm a traditionalist, which believes in the core values of America, but questions the current government.

What say you?

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To keep you folks busy, until I can finsih the new Episode of The Jefferson Davis Saga, I will post direct links to all of the previous episodes, and some older episodes that have been lost to time. Thanks for the patience. :) I guarantee that the next one will be fabulous.

Download Episode 23

Download Episode 22

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Download Episode_18

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Download Episode 15

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Download Epiisode 13

Download Episode 10

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Yes, I'm missing quite a few episodes, but I'll try to find them over the next day or two. Anyhew, have a great Friday everyone.

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Michael J. Fox, the actor of great movies like, Back to the Future, Doc Hollywood, Greedy, and Life with Mickey, did an ad supporting a Missouri candidate. The candidate, Claire McClaskill (D), supports human embryonic stem cell research, which is a very hot topic around the world. Watch the video to find out what I'm blabbering about.

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Crazy Weekend...

Hi all, I've had a one of those weekends that doesn't really seem like a weekend at all. I'm a little out of sorts, probably because I've worked...Hmm...Oh well, I've done lost count on how me days I've worked in a row. Anyway, the week and weekend seemed to meld together like a mixture of Gruyere and fontina cheese into an exquisite fondue. Fondue that realeses a small whiff of white wine, with each bubble and blurp. Damn, I just gave away one of my secrets. Yep, I'm an avid amateur chef, and I've made myself hungry. :-)

Anyhow, I'll have some new post tomorrow. I'm working on two new short stories, one for the blog, and the other for the Second Skint Writer Competition. Also, the new podcast will be out tomorrow evening. Phil, here is picture of my new truck. I'm charged up, from my head down to my boots, for being able to go from point A to point B without any bull. I took the pic tonight, so ya can't tell much, but its a picture. :)

Yep, I've been bought off!

American Materialism at its best. :) Recently, I received my drivers license for the first time. You see, In America, if you have a seizer, the DOT (Department of Transportation) makes you wait five years before applying for them again. In other words, you loose your license and hope of ever getting them back.

After a logistical nightmare I finally have them. Freedom and independence used to be unattainable words in my life, but now I have a little bit of both. Of course, pondering that one is free, can only be an illusion. :)

So, my mother just bought me a new truck. I'm going to pick it up in a little while. Free at at last. For most of my life, I've had to beg and plead to go anywhere, only to have the person giving me the ride, gripe and moan all the way to the destination. Now, the tables have turned, and I cannot wait for somebody to ask me for a ride. I'll smile real big and say, "Sorry, I can't do it, for I just don't have the time". Ha Ha. :)

My family has effectively bought me off for the time being, but I'm still going to study abroad ASAP. Don't misunderstand me, I'm very grateful for the truck, but there is an underlying problem with materialism in this country that I refuse to take part in. In America, it's all about who can out do their neighbor. Everybody has to have the best shoes, latest fashion, baddest customized vehicle, and biggest muscles.

I do have another truck that I've had, since I was eighteen, but unfortunately I've never been able to drive it on the road. It is too nice to drive on the road, for it is a show truck. It's a 56 Ford Pickup, 383cu inch (6.28Liters) Chevrolet motor, a turbo 400 transmission, and a 12 bolt ford rear-end (I can't remember what gear it is to save my neck.). It also has a 67' Chevy Chevelle front clip under it, lowered, and it has a chopped top. Only short people can drive this rascal. :)

The new truck is a stock Dodge Dakota Sport. Nothing special about it, but it will be dependable, which my other truck never has been. It is dark blue with a finite tint of purple. The picture you see below has an extended cab, but mine does not. What can I say, except my another victim of materialism. :)

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Your Words are Lies, Sir!

A special comment by Keith Olbermann on MSNBC. Hat tip to LTA and Crooks and Liars for bringing this to my attention. Great comment about President Bush. :)

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At A Loss...

Hello all, I'm sorry for the lack of post and podcast, but I'm at a loss of what to do next. I found out this past Friday, that I would not be able to go to London, as I had planned. I was counting on my family (mother) to give me the necessary funds to go, but three days before the cut-off to send the money, my mother refused to let me have access to my own (This money issue is a complicated mess that I do not wish to get into on the blog.) money.

I am deeply saddened by this event, because I was really looking forward to the trip, schooling, and experience of being in such a vibrant city. I have been accepted by the school; in fact, I even have a Westminster email address. Frankly, I am at a loss, and unless a miracle happens, I don't think I will be able to go.

I'm more enraged than anything else, I suppose. There is one little detail that she has forgotten about, when it comes to my attitude, I'm determined. If I have to work my fingers until they bleed, and work them some more, then that my dear readers is what I must do. Once I make up my mind to do something, it will be done. That is my personality. I've got a few more desperate calls to make, before I give up, but if I'm not able to go for the Spring, I'll definitely be there for the Summer and Fall.

This my kind readers and listeners is why I've been withdrawn from the blogosphere. I've delayed the podcast once again, but I should have it finished by Friday evening. Thanks to everyone for reading my dribble, and listening to me slur. :) Thanks again...

Episode 24 Coming Soon, I Promise!

Hi there folks, Episode 24 of the podcast will be out soon. I've got somebody new, along with Sumsofly coming on the show either tonight, or tomorrow evening. It will be a great show about politics, American materialism, and whatever else gets on my nerves between now and then. :)

I'm working on a proposal for school at present. I've got to come up with a proposal on how to extinguish poverty in Brazil. My opinion on said topic is that we need to worry about poverty in our own backyard, but it's for Sociology, so I'll have to come up with something worthy of an "A". :) Anyhow, I should have some interesting post tonight. Thanks for all of the feedback everyone...


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If you are interested at all in the political history of Northern Ireland, then I suggest you watch this video. I should have some worthy post later this evening...

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Oh Joy, More Red Tape...

I got the last fleck of my final paperwork today. All Right! Now the wheels have been greased, and I'm on my way. I don't have to be in London until January 4th, but as I've already stated previously, I'll be traveling throughout the UK, starting around the middle to end of December. I'm totally looking forward to the trip and school.


In addition, I should have a short story posted by tomorrow afternoond. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm quite fond of a quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, "One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words".

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There is a secret hidden within this book cipher. It goes with a manuscript, but I can't just tell you what the name of the "book" is. I recently cited this book or classic collection of books on another blog. Can you decipher the message? It is important. I did take the time to do this, so give it a whirl. I love the old world charm of historical cryptography. It's genius, but nobody makes use of it anymore. What say you? The other blog is linked to on my site. There is also an on-line version of said book. It is that old. Do not worry it's not the Bible. :) I will give you the first and last letter. Have fun...

UPDATE: Here is a much easier cipher, for all of you lazy folks. :)


A link is hidden somewhere within the blog, to the on-line book, which I used to cipher the message. By the way, the page numbers on-line coincide with the ones in the book.

P.S. : This should keep you busy, unti I can get the podcast published...

128-1-8-1 "M"






































129-1-1-2 "O"

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Episode 23

The - Asleep at the Wheel Episode of The Jefferson Davis Saga...

On this enamoured episode of The Jefferson Davis Saga, I discuss the kerfuffle, blogs withering away, Apology, commercial art, and Drama. Bill Clinton is the man. The book cipher, hints to the cipher, southern slang, and an inspiring message is hashed out in detail.

In addition, Runsfeld's decision not to resign is talked about, along with Colin Powell's new biography, which says that he was fired by Bush. The last bill to be passed by this Congress was discussed in detail, and why us Americans must pay more attention to what the government is doing behind closed doors. Music brought to you by Ehma and Commander Yo.

Download Episode 23

Have The Jefferson Davis Saga Brought to You via iTunes


Note to self: Never ever...ever...ever try to upload to two servers at the same time, especially if one of them happens to be TypePad. Hint...Hint... Night all...

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