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Downhill I go..

I took this purity test back in march of this year and got a total purity score of 77%. Now, it is much worse. Yeeesh... What's your score?

PURITY: 61% sex, 65% substance, 62% moral [62% total]

Well done! The higher your scores, the more "pure" you are. The lower, the more you've experienced.

This test was about done deeds, so your numbers will never climb. [It's interesting to think they all started at 100%.] But will your purity continue to fall? Will you OUTGROW or will you OUTDO your past experiences? It's up to you.


  • Don't date anyone if your moral purities differ by more than 30%.
  • Don't run a business with anyone if your substance purities differ by more than 40%.
  • Do be friends with someone who has less than 1/2 your sex purity. You'll enjoy their colorful company.

Note: as for the "TOTAL" purity value - that's a weighted combination of your scores, indicating what a typical purity test might say about you.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 63% on substance
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 84% on sex
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You scored higher than 54% on moral
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You scored higher than 77% on TOTAL

Link: The 3-Variable Purity Test written by chriscoyne on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

I kid...I kid... I have taken it down for the time being, but when I figure out what I want to do with it, I'll republish it. There are a few reasons for this decision...
  1. Yahoo Hosting blows... :)
  2. Yahoo Sucks... :)
  3. I barely have time for one blog, so why would I trouble myself with two...
  4. I emailed twenty-three fellow bloggers about participation, and only two bothered to email me back. Thanks for replying gents. However, I understand how time constraining life is, but come on people, how hard is a, "No Thanks" reply. You can't hurt my feelings. I'm Irish dammit, or at least the majority is Irish. :)
  5. I lost a few bucks by canceling, but I didn't make a rash decision...
  6. Yahoo is a pain...

Thanks to all of you that comment on the blog and email me. I value your support. I'm supposed to have the podcast uploaded tonight, but I've got to go work second shift, so that will unfortunately have to wait. Thanks again...

Update on Podcast...

Folks, I am sorry, but I will not be able to get the show up until tomorrow. I'm knee-deep in homework and I've got to study for a test in the morning. Aaarrrgghh, head is pounding, and I've not been drinking. Anyhow, thanks for visiting.

P.S.: Hint to previous post in this picture...

No podcast tonight...

Sorry folks, but it looks like I want be able to catch up with Sumsofly, until tomorrow. I'll try to get it finished and published tomorrow night, but I make no promises. Thanks everyone for all of the positive feedback. Sumsofly and I appreciate it. Have a good night. Sleep tight... :)

Also, I've put a new banner on the blog, so let me know what you think. Look at it carefully and perceive the impressions hidden behind the scribble. Yes, that is my scribble, and there are images behind it. :) I'm not telling though...

Folks, I have created a formal apology audio file, consisting of an apology, for my actions over the past three months. I've been erratic and a wee bit crazy. I've looked back at the archives

over the past three months, and have been literally dumbfounded by my own post. There are a few post that I feel terrible for ever publishing, but they've already been cached by big brother, so I see no point in deleting them.

I am a smart man, but stupid as heck at certain things. I look back on my life, before traveling abroad as black, and now I'm in the light, or at least a little bit. I've had people tell me that I am spiraling out of control, and to a certain extent that is true. I've had to look at my own life, and perceive what I could fix. The number one problem is the Alcohol, so it's gone. Every man in my family has dealt with Alcoholism at one time or another, so I'm stopping before mine gets out of control. It's OK to drink on occasions or have some wine with dinner, but to drink like me, is utterly futile.

I do apologize to those of you that I've upset for one reason or another. I'm growing and adapting more than you know, and more than I am willing to share. My future is picturesque. How do you see yourself in the future? I've made amends with these statements, and calls I've made. How about you? Life is soo short folks. Must do it right the first time around... :)

Download Formal Apology

Too sexy for a Bomb...

Ahmadinejad I don't believe a word that comes out of the mans mouth. Of course, the same could be said about my own leaders. It's all about the money folks. I don't think that Ahmadinejad wants a bomb, he just likes the attention and money thrown at him, from the EU and UN.

I bet the man strolls around his pristine presidential palace, singing, "I'm too sexy. I'm too sexy for a bomb, too sexy for a bomb. I'm too sexy for Bush, too sexy for Bush. I'm da man. I'm too sexy for myself, too sexy for myself. I've got all the money and the honey's."

"The bottom line is we do not need a bomb," he said at a news conference on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly.

The nations seeking to halt Iran's disputed nuclear activities are working out a new deadline for the Islamic republic and have authorized the European Union's foreign policy chief to go anywhere at any time to meet Tehran's top nuclear negotiator.

Despite the possible new accommodations, diplomats said they're not willing to wait much longer for Iran to respond more definitively to their package of incentives to stop uranium enrichment.

Ahmadinejad said he believed negotiations on the issue were "on the right track."

"Our position on suspension is very clear," Ahmadinejad said. "Under fair and just conditions ... we will negotiate about it."

He said the Iranians "want to make sure that everything we agree on" has a guarantee but they were not looking for security measures.

"We are able to protect ourselves and our security," he said. "What we speak of are guarantees of enforcement of provisions that are agreed upon."

He also accused the U.S. of having a double standard and said it should destroy its own nuclear arsenal, which would make it "less suspicious of others."

Seriously, don't underestimate Ahmadinejad, or any mad leader for that matter. I watched his speech on CSPAN, and he did have some very interesting points. Here is a link to the video.

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Episode 22

The - I've got to get the heck out of dodge Episode of the Jefferson Davis Saga...

Ladies and Gentleman, this week me and sumsofly (Summertime as she likes to be called now) discuss the tour of Greenville, me leaving town for Ireland for just a few days, Gerry Adams, Steve Irwin, the vainness of America, Life is Grand and You've Changed short stories, Iraq, corruption and how Americans feel about the rest of the world, Allergies, The Pope, Australia, Dreams, Southern Handshake, and how we perceive each other in the world. Also, Sumsofly picks out a song for the end of the show. Stay tuned for next weeks show, for it can only be crazier. I'm headed to Ireland to do some smooth talking, and if I can talk smooth enough, I'll bring Ms. Ireland back, but that is doubtful. :)

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Yes, I know it's a lame poster, but I'm working on it...

Blogs listed on this weeks show...

  1. Alan in Belfast
  2. Letter to America - Jett Loe/Wayne Ordinary American
  3. Skint Writer
  4. Wayne Ordinary American
  5. New Zealand Pubcast

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Episode 21

The - Everything is Grand Episode of The Jefferson Davis Saga.

In this enamoured Episode, I get pixilated by a Jefferson Davis original concoction. I discuss the New Books, by Skint Writer. Also, I apologize for my slackness. What can I say? Sadly, I'm being Re-Americanized. :-) I talk about my Microsoft certifications, and why I hate them, and love Linux. I try to explain what a vignette style short story is, in my plastered state. Tomorrow’s Cover is covered. Finally, I reckon that Hillary Clinton will never drop out of the 2008 Presidential Race, because she is so vain. :) Please email me if you have any questions or comments... Have a grand week all...

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Closing the doors, just kidding...

I'm not updating this blog anymore. However, if you wait about 5 seconds, you will be automatically redirected to I'm going to keep it up, but I'll not be posting on it anymore, as it is just too time consuming. Thanks for visiting... :)