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Despicable Behavior...

Grave Fighting and arguing while someone is alive is one thing, but to desecrate a grave is another. Daniel McColgan's grave, along with thirty others were desecrated over the weekend.

The devastated mother of a UDA murder victim has spoken of her disgust after sick vandals desecrated his grave.

Up to 30 plots were attacked in a weekend wrecking spree in Carnmoney Cemetery in Newtownabbey - many of them the graves of children and babies.

Trinkets, vases, ornaments and flower displays were destroyed in the cemetery. Security patrols are now set to be stepped up by Newtownabbey council.

Carnmoney Cemetery has been the focus of simmering sectarian tensions in Newtownabbey in recent years. The annual Catholic Blessing of the Graves service has sparked loyalist rioting in the past and previous years have also seen headstones smashed.

One of the graves targeted on Saturday was that of Daniel McColgan. The 20-year-old Catholic postman was shot dead by the UDA as he arrived for work in January 2002.

His mother Marie told the Belfast Telegraph that his grave had now been violated on at least three occasions.

In 2002 his headstone had to be replaced after it was completely destroyed.

"To be honest it is just so much to take in at the minute," said Ms McColgan

"I went up to the grave on Saturday night and noticed that all the wee trinkets and flowers had been smashed against the headstone. I looked around and saw that there was stuff scattered around the ground from lots of other graves.

"The people who did this have no respect for people whether they are dead or living. When we were kids we would not have gone anywhere near a grave."

"We just have to tidy up once more and try to move on. It is heartbreaking everytime this happens because it is such an insult to Daniel."

Now don't get me wrong, we have a plethora of problems here in the states, but I had to speak out about this, because it disturbed me. In my area we've got murderers, rapist (plenty of those, unfortunately), Bank Robbers (a ton of these idiots), Drug Users and Sellers, and many, many more.

I was reading multiple blogs yesturday, when I ran across a hilarious fact. If you type Failure into Google, the first site to pop up is President Bush's Biography. I perceived this to be a prank, so I tried it at Google.CA,, and with the same results. Someone is snickering loudly in a cramped Google Headquarters Office. I thought I would share it with you all, because it really gave me a good laugh. :-)


UPDATE: You might have noticed that the time has changed. I changed it to reflect the time in Ireland, so I don't get confused, whilst posting over there.

Well, it is 3:45AM here and 8:45AM in Ireland. I've not had a bit of sleep, mostly because of excitement I would presume. Heck, I'll just blame it on the Green Tea or Earl Grey Tea, that I've been drinking like a mad man. :-) Anyhow, have a great day ...


Farewell to America, if only for a short time. I'm getting ready, my suitcases are packed, dog is walked, money is paid, and I am ready to leave. The Jefferson Davis Saga will continue, for not even a country can put up with me for more than two weeks. :-) On this weeks episode, Marc Gunn music is played, Rugby is discussed, Gaelic is tried, Español is spoken, and I discuss the dirty word "sex", it's dirty around here anyway. :-) The life and times of this country boy will continue. I hope everyone has aterrificc week. Come back, for I'll be posting from Dublin on Friday. Thanks for all the comments...

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Chicken_cock OK-OK, before you start screaming bloody murder for my use of words, read the rest of the post. It appears that scientist have proven that the male obsession with size is universal. Yep, you've got it right, Humans down to chickens are self-conscious about size. What's your say? :-)

The male obsession with size appears to be universal, according to a new survey of animal species where males use ornamental body parts to attract females. The study showed that sexual ornaments – such as antlers or a peacock's feathery display – become disproportionately large as body size increases.

Most body parts grow proportionally with the rest of the body as individuals of a species become larger, although scientists have long known that visual cues of reproductive prowess are a special case.

Now, in the largest survey to date, James Brown at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, US, and his colleagues have examined the proportions of 284 ornament-bearing species to see whether the tendency was truly universal. They found that in virtually every case, ornament size grew by roughly the square of the overall growth rate.

Surprisingly, whether the ornament also functioned as a weapon made little difference to its size. But even for purely decorative ornaments, dedicating energy and nutrients to growing larger ornaments rather than overall body size makes good evolutionary sense, Brown says.

Large ornaments are more effective at attracting females than a slight increase in body size. "It indicates that the male with the bigger trait had more resources," he says

I know this is disgusting, but it does immitate the daily life of an IT Consultant. Somedays I want to bash my head in, especially when Microsoft issues new updates, which will usually just make things worse, than they were before...

Who was Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle? Well, have ya ever heard of Sherlock Holmes. Hello, wake up people, there is a whole world waiting for you. Sir Doyle wrote the Sherlock Holmes novels, as well as the Professor Challenger stories. If you want the low down on Sir Doyle, go check out Sherlock Holmes Online. To be honest, I wouldn't have remembered it being his birthday, if Google hadn't reminded me.


Plethora of Problems...

Hi there folks, I'm trying to figure out whether to take my Samsung SCD23 MiniDV Camcorder, or my moms new Sony 3.3MP Handycam, which has a 30GB Hard Drive built-in. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to gloat here. Notice mine is two years old and hers is brand-new. I'm just a poor white boy, but I do have a rich mom. :-) Unfortunetly, she doesn't throw much money my way, but she does when I need it.

The great thing about my camcorder is the DV tapes, so if I run out of tape, I can just buy some more. On the other hand, who wants to fuck around with a bunch of tapes, much less drag them around Ireland. In addition, I have my Lumix DMC-LZ2, which I love. My only concern is getting my stuff stolen in one of these hotels, or somebody mugging me, and me having to kick their ass or vice versa. I may be a "little fella", but I fight with the best of them. :-) Anyhow, have a great Monday everyone. This time change is really, and let me stress "really" going to screw me up. If you have any suggestion, please let me know!
30gb_camcorder Scd23


This photo was brought ot you by AP/Bill Kostroun In my search to be more open to the world, I found Soccer, or what they call "Football". My nephew plays soccer and loves it, but my dad prohibited me from playing it, because he said it was too "Prissy". Well, that was his words. I don't think he ever saw a real Soccer match, where blood, sweat, testosterone, and tears were shed. I'm getting into the sport, partly to help me strike up conversations with the Irish.

Earlier today, I watched Uruguay and Northern Ireland battle it out on the Giants stadium in New Jersey. Sadly, Uruguay won, but Northern Ireland was missing eleven of its players due to injuries. I like soccer, but I need more time to learn all the rules, but I'm sure people will inform me when I get to Ireland. As I was watching the game, I was reminded of George Best, which was a famous Irish (Northern Ireland) soccer player throughout the world; in fact, my good friend Wayne Ordinary American wrote up a piece about Mr. Best.

Northern Ireland played without 11 regulars because of injuries and club commitments. Uruguay used a starting team of almost entirely foreign-based players because its local championship is still going on.

The game was played in intermittent rain before a crowd of 4,152 that overwhelmingly backed Uruguay. This was the first of two exhibitions in the United States for both teams — Uruguay plays Romania on Tuesday; Northern Ireland plays Romania in Chicago on Friday.

Estoyanoff's goal gave Oscar Tabarez a winning debut since being rehired as Uruguay's manager in March. Tabarez coached Uruguay in the 1990 World Cup and replaced interim Gustavo Ferrin, who took over for Jorge Fosatti after Uruguay lost a two-leg World Cup playoff with Australia.

Estoyanoff provided the only serious offense for either team in the first half, driving a shot inside the near post into the upper corner.

"It was important because we have a new coach, making his debut, and getting a goal in front of him gives you a lot of confidence," Estoyanoff said.

Northern Ireland's lineup featured two players making their international debut — Stephen Craigan and Jeff Hughes — and goalkeeper Michael Ingham making his first start.

Controversy is the key word here folks, or as others might say, “Religious Controversy Makes Money”. The Da Vinci Code Movie pulled in 224 million dollars Worldwide over the weekend. Wow, that is what I’m talking about. I’m sure Dan Brown, Ron Howard, and Tom Hanks are sitting back in some swank-embellished Paris Hotel Suite laughing their asses off. I knew it would pull in the dough, even with all the religious backlash. All the Religious commotion made me want to see it more, than I ever did before.

While the film didn't set a domestic box office record, it was the largest weekend opening of the year so far and became the second largest worldwide release after "Star Wars: Episode III." It garnered some $224 million worldwide, according to Sony Pictures.

The film also was the best domestic opening for both Hanks and director Ron Howard.

The movie's performance, combined with the family film "Over the Hedge" debuting in second place with $37.2 million, was a welcome contrast to the last two weekends that saw disappointing results from "Poseidon" and "Mission: Impossible III."

The total box office was down about 2.8 percent from the same weekend last year, according to studio estimates released Sunday. But that's a tough comparison given that last year's numbers included the record-setting debut of "Star Wars: Episode III."

"'Da Vinci' opening this big just tells you that people do want to go to the movies, they just need the right movie to go," said Paul Dergarabedian, president of box-office tracker Exhibitor Relations.

My perspective one-word review of the movie would have to be, “Predictable”. I enjoyed the scenery of the movie, which did add to the content, but even Tom Hanks looked bored at times. I say it was predictable, because I read the book, well 2/3rds of the book, and like watching any movie that was scripted from a book, you know every plot and twist before hand. I’m looking forward to the next controversial, debatable, refutable, disputable, and polemic book/movie to come out.


Hello Ladies and Gents, I just uploaded an audio (Narated) version of Spooky Dreams to the blog. Check it out if ya have time. I put some time in to it, so I think you'll like it (Narated while waiting for clothes to dry). :-) wink-wink... OK, so I didn't put any time into it, but at least you'll know what I sound like scripted, or you'll have something to give ya a good laugh. :-)

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ShoesRead the poetry at the bottom of the post. I couldn't find out who wrote it, but I like it. What are your thoughts?

An Ode to my Shoes

Shoe are very wonderful things
They can have buttons or buckles
Some even have strings.
they can carry you all across the land,
whether it's Alaska, the Caribbean, or even Japan.
Oh, shoes where would I be without you?
I'd never make it a day at the zoo.
I'd never live through a shopping trip,
running a mile or doing a back flip.
I have shoes for a party, shoes for the snow,
shoes for work, and some for school.
There are shoes that are comfy,
and some that look cool.
I have shoes with flowers, shoes with bows,
some with stripes, and open-toes.
Tall shoes that make me 5 foot 8,
and some that make my feet feel great.
I love my shoes, I could never have too many!
My only problem is, I've spent all my money!

Ubuntu Blows! Can this crazy distribution of Linux survive in the commercial world? Well, my senses tell me NO! I installed this version of Linux last year, and I absolutely hated every minute I had to use it for school. I went back to Slack-Ware Linux as soon as the project I was working on was over. I hated the GUI, Organization of the GUI, and the OS Organization. The brown color of everything made my eyes bleed, as if I were being stung by a thousand bees in the retina.

The only positive thing I can think of about this distro, was the Install, which was darn easy. A pretty little install does not make up for the hell it is to use Ubuntu. They are trying to make an OS that people in the Windows world can use, but this will not cut the mustard. If you are sick of Microsoft, then get a freaking MAC. I'm planning on picking up a new MacBook as soon as I get back from Ireland. What's your say on Ubuntu?

Episode 14

Another crazy, yet exhilarating episode of the Jefferson Davis saga. This week I discuss The Da Vinci Code and my pre-show feelings. Also, I discuss my trip to Ireland, which I'm sure you are sick of hearing about. Well fear not, because I am leaving on Wendesday afternoon, and I won't be back to blab about it for at least two weeks. I should have a new or better edited version up tomorrow. Thanks everyone, and while you are listening to podcast, go check out LTA and the Cluture Sluts.

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I'm on my way out the door to go see this movie, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to let ya know what I thought about it. Unfortunately, I did not finish the book, but I did read about 2/3rds of it, which was more than I really wanted to read. Anyhow, have a great weekend everyone. I hope yours will be as enjoyable as mine. Cheers... 051906_1614

Dalecarnegie Have any of you ever read any Dale Carnegie books? Well, if you haven't, then I absolutely suggest that you read, "How to Win Friends & Influence People". I've learned a lot from this book, I only wish I could have read it a long time ago. He was a very smart man that I have learned a lot from. I can only hope to emulate the people in his books. Also, I wish that his books were used in public speaking classes, which I just passed with an A, for I may have made an A, but I didn't learn a damn thing, that I couldn't of learned in an hour reading his book. A must read. What's your say?

Spooky Pictures...

051806_1726_1 Spooky pictures I took with my crappy camera phone today.

051806_1719 051806_1727

Profile Hi there folks, I just finished updating my profile, if you are interested in learning who I am, and what I'm all about. Several mysteries are revealed in the updated Profile, which I have not uttered before. I asked a friend to come up with some questions that I wouldn't won't to answer on here, but I answered every one of them; in fact, I gave a lot more detail than I ever have before. If you have any more questions, let me know. By the way, that is 60lbs. attached to my back and ten pound weights on each leg, and it's up hill. On average, I walk five miles a day. Yeah, I've got dumbo ears, ya got a problem with it. :-)

Thanks JD...

UPDATE-UPDATE: If you want up to the minute review info on this film, go check out DaVinci Code Movie Reviews.

UPDATE: Sheila Roberts from gave the movie four out of ten stars. Yikes, she was not impressed, but I'm still going to check it out for myself.

Sinead Gleason over at The Sigla Blog reviewed The Da Vinci Code Movie and she had several things to say that were interesting. Like her, I plan on finishing the book, which I just started reading, before I express my feelings. I'm going to see it tomorrow night, if I can finish the book in time. It is 600 pages of fluff, but like she said, "it’s also a pathological page-turner, full of exactly what people want from a good yarn - intrigue, thrills, mystery, puzzles and ultimately what Christopher Hitchens calls “the exhaust fumes of democracy” - a conspiracy theory". What are your thoughts?

The Da Vinci Code...

Da_vinci_code Hey there folks, I'm curious to find out what your feelings are on this new movie coming out on the 19th. It was released today in Cannes , amidst hoopla and bruha. Personally, I don't believe this garbage, because after all it is just fiction, but I have decided to read the book, then I'll go see the movie. I'm going to try and keep an open mind about this movie. I will keep an open mind and I hope you will as well.

The screen adaptation, like the novel, suggests that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and fathered a child. One reporter asked the cast if they believed Christ was married.

Star Tom Hanks quipped, "Well, I wasn't around."

Hanks said he had not felt pressure from religious groups. He added that his religious heritage "communicates that our sins have been taken away, not our brains."

Christian groups from various countries, including South Korea, Thailand and India have protested the movie, planning boycotts, a hunger strike and attempts to block or shorten screenings. In India, the government even delayed the premiere, putting it on a temporary hold while it weighs complaints by Catholic groups that want the film banned. A decision is not expected before Friday.

Lobbyists in Thailand persuaded local censors to cut the final 10 minutes out of the film, but the censors later reversed their position after Columbia Pictures appealed.

Australian Christians bought cinema advertisements challenging the movie's plot. Hong Kong's Catholic church has organized forums to "clarify the facts."

In Cannes, the British nun who took her protest to the red carpet, Sister Mary Michael, prayed before a wooden cross.

"I think this movie will confuse people," she explained. "The world is a mess, and Jesus has the answers."

Several countries have forbidden this movie all together, while others are trying to censor it. I don't agree with censoring movies. Everyone, regardless of where he or she lives, should have the right to watch what they want, do what they want, and believe what they want. Movies like this one push the bounds of what we believe and perceive.

What's your say on The Da Vinci Code?

Anger Management...

Angry Recently a friend of mine informed me that I had serious anger issues, so I've been doing some research and applying anger management techniques on myself. I've not noticed a change yet, but I just started, so it will take a while I guess.

People that are close to me know that when I get mad at someone, their height, muscular build, and stature does not matter, for I loose all common sense and become enraged, which is dangerous for me and them. I've not always had anger problems, but after years of taking crap from everybody, it finally surfaced. Like the movie Anger Management, I also believe that there are two kinds of people in this world, quiet cashiers and raging customers.

Also, I want to appoligize for going on and on about the immigration bullshit. I was really mad that day, and expressed it in my post, and for that I'm sorry. Two of my good friends at work are Hispanic, and I love them dearly, and wouldn't ever want to do anything to hurt their feelings. However, I do still express my aggravation with the whole illegal immigrants getting a free pass spill. I have no problem with those that are legal, only the illegals.

Anyhow, Here is seven steps to hopefully resolve Anger.

  • 1. Choose constructive (not destructive) methods/solutions/ideas.
    • Try physical outlets, e.g. exercise, housework, crafts, etc.
    • Problem solve and come up with action plans, e.g. forming a neighborhood watch to combat vandalism.

  • 2. Involve an objective third party. Ask someone you trust to be a sounding board. Who might this be?
  • 3. Use the "empty chair" exercise. Pretend you're sitting across from the person you are angry with and say what's on your mind. Who is this person?
  • 4. Writing a letter to the person you are angry with. You could describe your anger right now, at the time of the anger event or both. You can destroy it/you can save it/you can mail it at a later date.
  • 5. Use relaxation techniques, e.g. guided imagery, self-help tapes, music.
  • 6. Use positive self-talk, e.g. "I am able to choose my anger style." and "I am angry but I'm not going to let it..."
  • 7. Work towards anger resolution through acceptance (learning to live with the fact that certain people and situations, past, and present & future, will not change).
  • Make realistic expectations, e.g. What is one frustrating anger situation? Can it really change as you'd like it to in the near future?
  • If not...
    • realize the powerlessness over the situation.
    • give yourself a time limit to be angry, and then... let it go!
    • constantly remind yourself "I cannot afford to stay angry. What's at stake here?"
    • recognize the need for forgiveness. "No painful event is allowed to contribute to my anger more than one time."
    • focus on the present.

    Sexy London Commercial...

    GuardUPDATE: Make sure to read the entire post, for the first part is misleading.

    Monday, President Bush is going to give a 15 to 20 minute speech on security among other subjects. He's not made a firm stance on the immigration issue, except for the legalization of some 12 million illegal aliens. Conservatives are screaming that he mustn't legalize 12 million illegal immigrants, while the liberals are screaming that he must legalize these people. I'm not for booting these people out of the country, because it would be utterly impossible to do so, and it would be wrong. However, I do not like the fact that people from Mexico can just walk across the border and become a US citizen, while so many other individuals actually have to learn English and go through the INS bureaucracy.

    Bush, locked in a test of wills with some conservatives furious at his support for legalizing some illegal immigrants, will stand firm in his support for a guest-worker program and his opposition to a mass deportation of the estimated 12 million immigrants in the country, the official said.

    The White House is asking major television networks for live coverage of the 15 to 20 minute speech at 8 p.m. EDT on Monday.

    The president supports attempts in the Senate to pass a measure that legalizes the status of some illegal immigrants while also beefing up borders rather than a version passed in the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives that would focus on security, a bill that has drawn the ire of immigrant communities.

    Senate leaders this week agreed to try to reconsider a broad immigration measure after an earlier deadlock.

    A Defense Department official said the Pentagon was considering options for possibly sending troops or equipment to help with security on the U.S.-Mexican border.

    In Arizona, the state that sees the most crossings by illegal immigrants, pressure is growing from conservative quarters to take tougher action.

    The Minutemen, a citizens' border patrol group, have vowed to begin erecting a fence in southern Arizona on May 27 unless Bush sends National Guard troops to the porous border.

    Now, I know what you are thinking, "They can't just hop across the border, for it is a very treacherous path for them to take". Yes, that may be true, but don't you think that it's a hell of a lot easier to cross over land, than it is to cross oceans. Personally, I hope he does send the National Guard down to the border. After all, Mexicans are not the only ones crossing the border. Don't you think that terrorist from other countries could pay Vicente Fox to look the other way.

    Star Spangled Banner in Spanish

    English-Original Version

    O say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light,
    What so proudly we hail’d at the twilight’s last gleaming?
    Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro’ the perilous fight,
    O’er the ramparts we watch’d, were so gallantly streaming?
    And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
    Gave proof thro’ the night that our flag was still there.
    O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?


    Oh! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
    Between their loved homes and the war’s desolation!
    Blest with victory and peace, may the heaven-rescued land
    Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
    Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
    And this be our motto: “In God is our trust.”
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

    Spanish Version Translated into English

    Verse 1

    The day is breaking, do you see it? In the light of the dawn?

    What we so acclaimed at nightfall?

    Its stars, its stripes,

    flew yesterday

    In the fierce battle

    in a sign of victory,

    The glow of battle, in step with liberty

    At night they said: “It’s being defended!”


    Oh say!

    The voice of your starry beauty

    is still unfolding

    Over the land of the free

    The sacred flag?

    Verse 2

    Its stars, its stripes,

    Freedom, we are equal

    We are brothers, in our anthem.

    In the fierce combat in a sign of victory

    The glow of battle, in step with liberty

    My people keep fighting

    It’s time to break the chains

    At night they said: “It’s being defended!”

    Oh say! Your starry beauty is still unfolding.

    No, I did not translate that myself, nor did I Google it. Do you see my point? Totally different meaning. The Star Spangled Banner was written after the War of 1812. This Spanish version does not have the same significance or meaning as the original. Sure things change, but we are talking about the history of America, for if these people succeed, the fabric and essence of America and what it stands for will be lost. Us Americans have gotten lazy, it is time for us to stand up and change things, instead of complaining. I'm sick of whiners. Do something with you life. Don't ever expect anything from anybody. What's your say?

    These people may scare you with their threatening to quit working the agricultural fields of America, which would make vegetable and fruit prices skyrocket, but I don't care, because I have a garden every year. I'm a country boy, so not much scares me. I'm not scared by these tactics...

    Myipod_1 Folks, Episode 13 is ready for the masses. I discuss my trip to Ireland, politics, and today's news. I also go into detail about Anonymity, and how nobody has Anonymity on the Internet, or anywhere for that matter. I hope you like this episode. Make sure you listen to the end, for it's damn funny.

    Also, I make a correction about my ancestry.

    Download Epiisode 13


    UPDATE: Yeah, I know I'm posting this late, but I'm wide awake, because I had too much Green Tea. :-)

    The PS3 is supposed to come out on November 17th with two price points. Hold your breath, because the cheap version will be $499 US and the large storage model will be &599US. Geeeezzz Will anybody be able to afford this puppy. There will be people getting check advances, loans, selling whatever including themselves to get this stupid machine. I could care less if it comes out or not. I've always been a PC Gamer. Although, I do have a mint condition DreamCast collecting dust. I've always been a big SEGA fan, at least until they quit selling hardware. Will you buy a PS3?

    Mentally Disturbed Poodle...

    This dog has some serious issues. LOL Watch the video. It'll crack you up...

    UPDATE: 13 Days to Go!

    Ladies, Gentleman, and World Travelers, should I take my laptop on my trip through Ireland? On one hand, if I take it, then I'll be able to keep in touch and post pictures. On the other hand, I'll have to lug that damn thing all over the freaking place, and who really wants to do that. Now, if I had a smaller notebook, then I wouldn't even think about it, but this bad boy is seven pounds of lead, so I can't figure out what to do. Anyone have a suggestion or a smart ass comment? Both are accepted here. :-)

    Yes, to answer your question, that is Linux running on a Dell laptop. I'm down with Linux. I'm a geek/ poet/ author/ lover all wrapped up in one. LOL Seriously, I do love Linux, but I still use windows for some stuff. Never underestimate a southerner, especially one named Jefferson Davis. :-)


    Bush Legacy/Calamity May Continue...

    Jebandgeorge Yes, that's right folks, brother Jeb Bush may run for President in 2008. Both George H.W. and George W. Bush support him running in 2008, but he has repeatedly said, "NO". We shall soon find out what his plans are for 2008. Heck, he might get this country straightened out. I thought George senior did a good job, for the four years he was in office. It's only the later Bush that has gave them all a bad name. Personally, I don't hate or dislike any of the Bush's, but I do get steamed when I find out that that family and many others are lining their pockets with Oil/Iraqi money.

    The president said Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is well-suited for another office and would make "a great president."

    "I would like to see Jeb run at some point in time, but I have no idea if that's his intention or not," Bush said in an interview with Florida reporters, according to an account on the St. Petersburg Times Web site.

    The president said he had "pushed him fairly hard about what he intends to do," but Jeb has not said.

    "I have no idea what he's going to do. I've asked him that question myself. I truly don't think he knows," Bush said.

    Jeb Bush, 53, will end his second term as governor in January. His brother George ends his second presidential term in January 2009. Neither can seek re-election because of term limits.

    Jeb Bush has repeatedly said he is not going to run in 2008.

    But even his own father said no one believes him when he says he's not interested in running at some point. Former President George H.W. Bush told CNN's "Larry King Live" last year that he would like Jeb Bush to run one day and that he would be "awfully good" as president.

    What's your say?

    President at his Best...

    If you've not seen this video of President Bush drunk, then play it and get ready to fall out laughing. He was very relaxed and comfortable with the surroundings. Great Clip...

    AHot damn, I just made all A's. I'm not playing. Haha Now, all I've got to do is get ready for my trip. I can't believe it, I was right on the "B" borderline in one class, but I made it thankfully to an "A". I should have some post in a little while. I've got to catch up on my politics, for I've been out of the loop for a week or so, which is like an eternity in politics. Have a great day everyone, I certainly will.

    Also, I've been celebrating with the music of Third Eye Blind. They've got a song called graduate, which does not really pertain to me, but I like it anyway. I've still got one more year of bullshit before I graduate. I'm going to sign back up for another degree as soon as I graduate, so it doesn't really matter. If you've never listened to them, leave your computer now and go buy one of their many CD's.

    Photoshop Channels...

    I love messing with the channels in Photoshop. If you have time, I highly recommend going into the channels and changing the values of a picture.

    Goss CIA chief Porter Goss, quit today under ridicule from pretty much everyone in Washington D.C. He had been on the job for less than two years.

    President George W. Bush gave no explanation for the move, which a senior administration official said Bush had been discussing with Goss' boss, national intelligence director John Negroponte, for the last few weeks.

    No replacement was named for Goss, who has come under fire inside and outside the agency during a difficult tenure. But an administration official said Negroponte could recommend a successor as early as Monday.

    Bush is pursuing a shake-up of his staff in an attempt to present a new face on his team and rebound from sagging poll numbers. He now faces the difficult task of finding a high-profile candidate prepared to take over an agency in turmoil.

    The CIA lost clout when it fell under a newly created director of national intelligence as part of reforms in response to intelligence failures over the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

    An administration official said tensions between Negroponte and Goss resulted as the new intelligence arm sought to assert itself over the CIA and met opposition from the spy agency.

    Mounting tensions came to a boil when Negroponte decided that many counterterrorism analysts from the CIA should be moved to the relatively new National Counterterrorism Center that was created as part of intelligence reforms.

    Goss objected because he believed that would erode the CIA's capability, an intelligence official said. "He was standing up for the agency."

    How many more of Bush' officials are going to either walk or be fired? I am glad that he is making some changes, he might actually get some people in his cabinet that know how to run Washington. I thought that Collin Powell was a great Secretary of State. Of couse, anybody would be better than Condoleeza Rice.

    P.S.: Eighteen Days until I leave for Ireland. Yee Hah!


    Folks, I sincerely apologize for not posting lately, but I’ve been extremely busy with school work and my jobs. I have one more final exam left, and then I’m done until the fall. Halleluiah I should have some interested post beginning Tuesday of next week.

    Also, I have been walking about five miles a day for the past two months; in fact, I started walking with forty pounds in my backpack and ten pound leg weights on each leg. One mile like that is like five miles of regular walking. It has been fervidly hot around these parts. Yesterday, the temperature almost got into the 90s, which is hot for this time of year.

    In addition, I only have 19 days, until I leave for Ireland. Hot Damn!