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Oh Dear...

The Orange Order will be having a Parade on Friday in the North of Belfast. I can only hope that all goes well and no missiles or bombs are fired in the chaos which ensued the last parade. Don't get me wrong, I'm not poking fun at anyone or their rights to have a parade, its just that I worry about the people I know in Belfast. Remember something people, I may be an outsider, who doesn't know a thing about what you've seen or had to deal with, but we are all human beings, and we should treat each other with respect, especially neighbors and relatives.

The Tour of the North parade has sparked trouble in the past.

However, the North and West Belfast Parades Forum and the Ardoyne Parades Dialogue Group have reached an accommodation over it.

The marchers have agreed to limitations on a contentious part of the return leg of the parade while residents will stage a smaller protest.

The return parade will proceed down the same route as normal but will consist of only one band, a single banner and representatives only of the constituent lodges.

Music will not be played along the contentious part.

The Parades Commission has said it will not now make a ruling on the parade.

Tommy Cheevers, of the West Belfast Parades Forum, said they hoped this year's resolution would lead to the wider parades issue being settled.

"We've taken risks, the people of Ardoyne have taken risks," he said.

'Sensitive matter'

Mr Cheevers said they were trying to "create a shared space in that area" through dialogue "instead of bickering over contested territory".

"Anyone intending to cause any problems whatsoever should stay well away. They are not welcome," he added.

Last year, eighteen police officers and 11 others were injured during trouble at the Tour of the North parade.



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