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Sam Alito

Woe, Democrats are calling for blood, and Republicans are rejoicing.  What a Monday.  It is overwhelmingly possible that Sam Alito will be the new Supreme Court Justice.  I can’t wait for the Senate hearings, it will be better than watching a spectator sport.  I’ve not done to much research on the guy, so I don’t want to say much about him yet.  One interesting fact, Sam and Justice Antonin Scalia are both Italian, and they are conservative.  One reason that several democrats are crying, is that voting Sam in will throw off the balance of the court.  Will the Democrats filibuster Sam, or will he go through the hearings without a hitch?  What’s your opinion?

I hope I’m not boring anyone with all of this Political gibberish, but it is important, and people should know the facts.  Anyway, have a great Halloween or Hallows Eve, whichever phrase you use, and don’t eat to much.  I hope, I’m headed out the door to go to a party.  Happy Halloween…

What a week in politics...

What a week in politics.  Karl Rove has dodged the bullet, but Scooter Libby got hit.  Looks like Scooter will be explaining his actions in court.  However, Karl Rove may be indicted in the future.  Only time will tell on that note.  Also, Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination for the supreme court; in fact, I’m assuming she withdrew because of the possible embarrassment of the Senate hearings.  President Bush’s approval ratings are still at an all-time low, so I suppose that’s why Ms. Miers withdrew to avoid more controversy.  Only Bush knows who he’ll pick next for the supreme court.  I think his only hope of improving his approval ratings is for the War in Iraq to go better, but that is doubtful.  I have hope for Iraq, but ponder its future existence.  Indeed, this past week has been a rollercoaster.  Most Americans probably don’t care, but they should because it affects all of us.  What’s your notion?

Typical Day..

I have a good story for you.  The dean of IT at my college was speaking at a conference in my area, and he asked me to come check it out.  After he finished speaking, he asked if anyone had any questions, so I stood up, and he said, “Jefferson Davis, what’s your question”.  Several people in the auditorium gasped and turned to look at me.  After the conference, we were outside talking, and I got evil-eyed about twenty times.  That is just buncombe man.  I deal with this crap everyday.  However, I’m not ashamed of my name, but I get a little alarmed when in a large crowd acting stupid.  I can take care of myself though, and I’ve had to in the past.  People that are not from the south do not understand the Civil War is still in peoples minds.  My name is cool, but it does still cause much controversy.  I have great empathy for people that are treated like crap because of stupid bigotry.  Once people get to know me, they forget all about my name.  I just wish people would not be so judgmental from the get go.  Now, you know why the first thing you see on my blog is, “I’m not some racist nut”.  Anyway, have a good weekend.  Party on..

Government Employee Pay Raise...

Hey, did you know that congress passed a new bill that will give all federal employees a 3.1% pay raise.  There average salary will increase in January to $63,715.  It pays to work for the government.  LOL…  I just thought you might want to know.  In addition, I hope that “Wilma” turns and goes out to sea.  Otherwise, many people and their property will be scathed, as they did down in Mexico.  Anyway, just thought it was an enkindling issue.  Have an optimum weekend, or what’s left of it…

More about Me...

I work part-time in sales, and as an IT-consultant.  I also go to college full-time and chase after women full-time to no avail.  I work for my step dads company as their IT guy, doing whatever is needed of me, but I only do that a few days a week.  I just so happen to be off work today.  That’s why I’ve been posting so much.  I own my home, and I have a dog, which every bachelor should have.  Other than that, my life is boring.  I’m not complaining though, I just want to do and see so much that I don’t have time for.  I worked full-time for my family until about five years ago, which was great.  I decided a year and a half ago to go back to college and get a degree in network administration management.  Although, my heart is in writing and politics, I plan to go back for an English\Journalism major as soon as I graduate.  I’m traveling to Ireland next year, around the end of May to see my ancestry homeland, and meet some interesting people.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and meet a charming Irish lass while I’m over there.   As you have probably seen on my blog, I love my truck.  It’s a 56 Ford Pickup with a 383 cu. Chevy motor and drivetrain.  I don’t get to tinker with it much, but I love my truck.  I’ve been pondering selling it, since I don’t have much time for it, but it has a lot of sentimental value that can’t be replaced by cash.  Anyway, goodnight and have a good weekend.

Well it seems the president is going to take the border problem seriously.  I hope that he does, because it is a serious issue.  I know anyone that is reading my post is sick of my crying about the border, but my winning and moaning is a necessity to get anything done.  The problem with the border boils down to money.  I don’t care who’s in the white house, senate, or congress, they are not going to take money that would normally lace their own pockets, and put it towards sealing the border.  I mean everyone is lacing their pockets with money, whether they are democrat or republic.  This happens in every division of the government.  Most people that get started in politics, intending to do good for their fellowman, but perhaps got greedy with all that money being offered to pass a bad bill.  It’s a complicated mess, and getting worse with each day.  I promise not to rant on the border anymore, but it just ticks me off.  I guess you have already surmised that I’m off today.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to rant so much.  Have a good weekend and don’t party to hard…

Why is it that no on

Why is it that no one I meet today is real?  When I was growing up, I was taught to be real with everyone I met in life’s path.  Now, times have changed for the worse.  Today, people  have many facades to unravel.  I know several people who have been married for years thinking that they know their spouse, only to find out that their spouse has unveiled a new face.  I strive to be real with everyone I encounter, regardless of the consequences.  This is a social problem that has grown to epic proportions.  Perhaps people are afraid of showing their true selves, for fear of rejection or retaliation.  There are certain times that I’ve been inflicted with this disease of deception.  How many veils of deception do you wear?

Now, when it comes to women, I like a little deception and change in a woman.  I like something new around every turn.  That’s my opinion though….

Whats your opinion on the border?

What are we going to do about the border?  Now, I’m not a Bush hater, but this issue rings home with me.  In my state and city, the Hispanic, mainly Mexican population has triples in the last year.  I have no data to prove my point, but that’s because most of these people are illegal aliens.  Personally, I have no problem with people trying to better themselves by coming to our country, but do it the legal way, like my ancestors had to do coming from Ireland.  Several senators are coming up for reelection next year.  Find out if they support a stronger border, if they don’t, then don’t vote for them.  Also, we can petition our local government to stop this horrendous catastrophe.  The government allows these peoples kids in our schools and every other benefit for a U.S. resident.  Do you think they pay any taxes?  No.  Yes, I’m irritated by this issue,  and it’s about time for something to be done.  

In my area of the country, Hispanics are a large majority of the population.  Every sign and menu in public view is in English and Spanish.  Why should I have to learn Spanish for my job, when this is an English speaking country?  When my ancestors came to America, they spoke Gaelic, and had to learn English, so why should I, a U.S. citizen, have to learn Spanish.  This is unadulterated bull.  

Finally, I don’t intend on sounding hateful, because I’m not a hateful person, just irritated.

Hillary For President?

Well the talk has already begun about Hillary Clinton.  People are saying, “Can she do the job”, “Who does she think she is running for president”.  I am not on the left, nor am I on the right.  I’m in the middle, because I feel that’s the only way for anyone to take my crap seriously.  What’s my opinion?  I think that even if she did get into office, their would be so much controversy over her, that no good could come from her taking the highest office in the land.  Personally, I don’t care for her, but I feel the same about some people on the right.  Yes, I speak my mind, so what.  I vote for people, because of whom they are and what they believe, not because of their party.  I’ve heard some people say that she ran the country, while “Bill Clinton” was president, but I don’t believe that for a minute.  I think he could chase women and run the country at the same time, or that’s what he thought.  Just kidding Bill…  LOL…


What has happened to the foundation of our country, won’t anybody stand up for what is right?  Now, in the state of Oregon, anyone can open an antique shop and have a burlesque show in the same building.  Are these people insane or what?  I’m sick of turning on the TV or flipping through my favorite paper, to find such nonsense going on in our own country.  To put on a live sex-show anywhere you please is shoving us back to the stone age.  I might expect such stupid behavior from France, but not my own country.  If we let the left-wing liberal atheist get away with such actions, we will be condemning our own souls.  What’s your sentiment?

Adoration From Afar

This is a poem I wrote for a friend. Do you like it?

What must I do to be the object of your affection?
Must I Lie, Cheat, Steal, and become a Hell-Raiser?
This is my perplexity,
for I cannot do these actions with a true and gentle heart.
You exalt me day-after-day.
As the morning mist fades into the blue sky,
I inhale your fragrant perfume,
like dewy pedals of a blooming flower.
I envisage your smiling face,
like a vestige of the moon upon my optics.
The whistling chatter of mother winter,
reminds me of your cherishing laughter.
As the chilly October breeze rustles tumbling leaves around me,
I conceive of you in my embrace.
As the twinkle of stars in the night aura,
you come to me in a deep slumber,
like an angel entering my dreams.
But as my eyes whimper in the light of dawn,
I fight to keep you in my yawns.
Indeed, I adore you from afar.


Stand Up and Be Counted

It is unfortunate at the time that our countries leadership is dwindling.  Time is running out.  I respect our president for all the good he has done, but a new plan for Iraq and our Oil problem must be put forth to keep our country together.  The oil tyrants in the middle-east and here in the US must account for what they are doing, or they are going to bleed us dry this winter.  I say stand up, and be counted.  

If you think that times are hard now, just wait until this winter especially if you use oil for heating.  I use gas for heating and anticipate the huge heating bills.  The best advice I have is not to spend beyond your means.  Don’t use those credit cards, because they will just put you deeper in debt.  I’m not suggesting not spending any money this holiday season, but only spend what is necessary.  

If you have a grand idea to conserve energy, then call you senator or member of Congress.  Let them know that you care and that you hold them accountable for their actions.  We vote for these people and respect them, but we never question them are let them know we care about our country.  When this country was founded, everyone cared about our country and one another.  Now, most people are so self-absorbed that they only care about themselves.  What has happened to our great country?  

I love this country just as much as the next man or woman, but we must stand up and be counted to make a change.  What is your opinion?