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Shoes or Boots?

ShoesRead the poetry at the bottom of the post. I couldn't find out who wrote it, but I like it. What are your thoughts?

An Ode to my Shoes

Shoe are very wonderful things
They can have buttons or buckles
Some even have strings.
they can carry you all across the land,
whether it's Alaska, the Caribbean, or even Japan.
Oh, shoes where would I be without you?
I'd never make it a day at the zoo.
I'd never live through a shopping trip,
running a mile or doing a back flip.
I have shoes for a party, shoes for the snow,
shoes for work, and some for school.
There are shoes that are comfy,
and some that look cool.
I have shoes with flowers, shoes with bows,
some with stripes, and open-toes.
Tall shoes that make me 5 foot 8,
and some that make my feet feel great.
I love my shoes, I could never have too many!
My only problem is, I've spent all my money!


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