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Da Vinci Code Review...

UPDATE-UPDATE: If you want up to the minute review info on this film, go check out DaVinci Code Movie Reviews.

UPDATE: Sheila Roberts from gave the movie four out of ten stars. Yikes, she was not impressed, but I'm still going to check it out for myself.

Sinead Gleason over at The Sigla Blog reviewed The Da Vinci Code Movie and she had several things to say that were interesting. Like her, I plan on finishing the book, which I just started reading, before I express my feelings. I'm going to see it tomorrow night, if I can finish the book in time. It is 600 pages of fluff, but like she said, "it’s also a pathological page-turner, full of exactly what people want from a good yarn - intrigue, thrills, mystery, puzzles and ultimately what Christopher Hitchens calls “the exhaust fumes of democracy” - a conspiracy theory". What are your thoughts?


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