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The Da Vinci Code...

Da_vinci_code Hey there folks, I'm curious to find out what your feelings are on this new movie coming out on the 19th. It was released today in Cannes , amidst hoopla and bruha. Personally, I don't believe this garbage, because after all it is just fiction, but I have decided to read the book, then I'll go see the movie. I'm going to try and keep an open mind about this movie. I will keep an open mind and I hope you will as well.

The screen adaptation, like the novel, suggests that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and fathered a child. One reporter asked the cast if they believed Christ was married.

Star Tom Hanks quipped, "Well, I wasn't around."

Hanks said he had not felt pressure from religious groups. He added that his religious heritage "communicates that our sins have been taken away, not our brains."

Christian groups from various countries, including South Korea, Thailand and India have protested the movie, planning boycotts, a hunger strike and attempts to block or shorten screenings. In India, the government even delayed the premiere, putting it on a temporary hold while it weighs complaints by Catholic groups that want the film banned. A decision is not expected before Friday.

Lobbyists in Thailand persuaded local censors to cut the final 10 minutes out of the film, but the censors later reversed their position after Columbia Pictures appealed.

Australian Christians bought cinema advertisements challenging the movie's plot. Hong Kong's Catholic church has organized forums to "clarify the facts."

In Cannes, the British nun who took her protest to the red carpet, Sister Mary Michael, prayed before a wooden cross.

"I think this movie will confuse people," she explained. "The world is a mess, and Jesus has the answers."

Several countries have forbidden this movie all together, while others are trying to censor it. I don't agree with censoring movies. Everyone, regardless of where he or she lives, should have the right to watch what they want, do what they want, and believe what they want. Movies like this one push the bounds of what we believe and perceive.

What's your say on The Da Vinci Code?


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