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Plethora of Problems...

Hi there folks, I'm trying to figure out whether to take my Samsung SCD23 MiniDV Camcorder, or my moms new Sony 3.3MP Handycam, which has a 30GB Hard Drive built-in. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to gloat here. Notice mine is two years old and hers is brand-new. I'm just a poor white boy, but I do have a rich mom. :-) Unfortunetly, she doesn't throw much money my way, but she does when I need it.

The great thing about my camcorder is the DV tapes, so if I run out of tape, I can just buy some more. On the other hand, who wants to fuck around with a bunch of tapes, much less drag them around Ireland. In addition, I have my Lumix DMC-LZ2, which I love. My only concern is getting my stuff stolen in one of these hotels, or somebody mugging me, and me having to kick their ass or vice versa. I may be a "little fella", but I fight with the best of them. :-) Anyhow, have a great Monday everyone. This time change is really, and let me stress "really" going to screw me up. If you have any suggestion, please let me know!
30gb_camcorder Scd23



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