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Dan Brown Slammed over Da Vinci Code...

Dan Brown is in court over possible copyright infringement. Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh are claiming that Brown basically copied a book they published in 1992, called Holy Blood. Dan is claiming that he came up with the idea of his book, before their book was ever published, which is impossible to prove, because he has no proof to back up his statement.

LONDON (Reuters) - The lawyer representing two historians who accuse Dan Brown of copying their work in his best-seller "The Da Vinci Code" told a British court on Tuesday he suspected the author had lied in his evidence.

Brown, in the witness box for a second day, was forced to defend his assertion that he had not read "The Holy Blood, and the Holy Grail" when he came up with the idea for his thriller.

Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, co-authors of the 1982 "Holy Blood" book, who are suing Brown's British publisher Random House, allege that he lifted their ideas wholesale.

Part of Brown's defense has been to say he wrote the synopsis for "The Da Vinci Code", one of the most successful novels with sales of around 40 million copies, before he became familiar with the "Holy Blood" book.

A Diffident and timid Brown is having to get used to the media circus that is surrounding this case. Although, the media is not as concentrated on him as they were during the Michael Jackson case, it is still drawing a lot of attention.

Personally, I don’t believe the “Da Vinci Code” for one moment. I was talked into buying it, but I put it down after two chapters from disgust. Does anyone have a comment on this very touchy subject?


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