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  1. Wake up! (Whatever)
  2. Eat Breakfast
  3. Read the news
  4. Go to Work (Yawn)
  5. Get in a swear fight with someone
  6. Leave Work (All right!)
  7. Go out
  8. Go home
  9. Study
  10. Read my favorite blogs and check the news
  11. Call the family-Mom, Dad and Sisters (I’m a mommas boy) LOL
  12. Go to sleep, hoping for another fun filled day.

My life is not quite that pathetic, but pretty close during the workweek. I’ll hopefully have some interesting post early in the week. I’ve been very busy over the last few weeks, so I’ve been slack on blogging, but hopefully I’ll be back up to par in a few days. Thanks for all the comments folks…


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