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President Bush and his administration has rejected any idea of extending the May 15th deadline, for the new prescription drug program. My family has struggled with this as well. My grandparents have mulled for hours, over those freaking application forms. The forms are confusing and long as you would expect from the Government. I cannot ever understand why they don’t make things easier. Oh, I forgot, they enjoy seeing us mulling over papers.

SILVER SPRING, Maryland (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush on Wednesday rejected calls to extend a May 15 deadline for the elderly to sign up for a new prescription drugs plan despite complaints that it is too confusing.

At a meeting with residents of a senior citizen community in Silver Spring, just outside Washington, Bush said families of older Americans, particularly adult children, should help them sort out their Medicare options.

One woman, saying she was having trouble helping her 75-year-old mother make a choice, asked whether the deadline should be extended.

"No, and the reason why is there's got to be a fixed time for people to sign up," the president said.

The Republican-controlled Senate, meanwhile, narrowly defeated a measure that would have extended the deadline until the end of the year. Eligible people face a penalty if they seek drug benefits after May 15.

Seemingly, it will take the whole family to fill out these freaking forms. Quite a few senior citizens are eschewing the health care plan all together. However, most cannot afford to do so. We cannot turn our backs on the elderly. They have been through Wars, Dozens of Presidents, and they are still contributing to society today. This burns me like few other subjects. What’s your say? Wouldn’t you want to be taken care of, when you get that age?


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