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Return to Green

My town just threw a huge festival, called Return To Green. Basically it is a Saint Patrick's Day festival, but they changed the name last year to lure in more patrons. Only about 8% of my state are of Irish ancestry, which is quite small, so the city come up with this plan to revitilise the festival, and it worked for the most part. I tried a ton of different Irish beers, some were fantastic, while others were terrible. There was one dark beer that had to be about 12% alchohol, because it was stout. I could smell the alchohol from ten meters away. It was also the beer that did me in for the day. I tried all kind of beers and didn't get drunk, but after about half of that dark beer I was tore up. Here is some pictures I took, while at the festival. They are terrible, because I was using my camera/phone. Thanks...


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