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Windows Vista is delayed again...

Microsoft is delaying Windows Vista again. Will this new, pretty, crisp, and secure (I doubt it) version of Windows ever come out. This is driving me crazy, because I was hoping to take the new Server class this fall, but now I have to wait until Microsoft makes up its mind. The major PC manufacturers are going insane with all the delays, mainly because they were hoping the new version of Windows would boost the Golden Quarter sales.

The delay in Windows Vista — caused by Microsoft needing more time to enhance security and other functions — will come as a blow to Microsoft partners who were looking forward to a new operating system to boost holiday sales.

"It's a much bigger deal for the computer makers than it is for anybody else," said David Smith, a vice president with Gartner Inc.

I am looking forward to testing it out for myself, but at the same time, I’m sure it’ll be nothing but a headache, mainly because all the hardware manufacturers have to update their drivers. This is especially true for everyone that has existing hardware. No manufacturer gets in a hurry to update existing drives, unless it is for the corporate market. Go read the story and tell me what you think.

I should have a schedule up tomorrow, that will let you know what subject I’ll be posting about each day.


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