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Antidepressant drugs...

Antidepressant drugs are turning people into drones. They have no excitement, happiness, sadness, or any normal sense of reality. However, I’m not implying that everyone should go off their antidepressant medications, but to simple look for other healing methods. Although, some people need to be on this stuff, but it takes away the senses that make life so grand.

Medications like Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Effexor, Serzone, and Celexa sold 8.3 billion dollars in 2002. I know several people that walk around like robots, because they are on this crap, and it saddens me deeply that these people thought that reality was so harsh, that they couldn’t handle it anymore. Personally, I want to get mad, be happy, be sad, and have every emotion that makes me who I am. I would retrogress my entire identity if I went on that crap. Unfortunately, I take a few meds, but nothing that controls how I think.

Finally, I’m not intending on hurting anyone’s feelings, I’m just stating the harsh brutal facts that are real. Drug companies are making a large profit over other peoples suffering, which is outrageous. What’s your premise?


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