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What a week in politics...

What a week in politics.  Karl Rove has dodged the bullet, but Scooter Libby got hit.  Looks like Scooter will be explaining his actions in court.  However, Karl Rove may be indicted in the future.  Only time will tell on that note.  Also, Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination for the supreme court; in fact, I’m assuming she withdrew because of the possible embarrassment of the Senate hearings.  President Bush’s approval ratings are still at an all-time low, so I suppose that’s why Ms. Miers withdrew to avoid more controversy.  Only Bush knows who he’ll pick next for the supreme court.  I think his only hope of improving his approval ratings is for the War in Iraq to go better, but that is doubtful.  I have hope for Iraq, but ponder its future existence.  Indeed, this past week has been a rollercoaster.  Most Americans probably don’t care, but they should because it affects all of us.  What’s your notion?


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