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Whats your opinion on the border?

What are we going to do about the border?  Now, I’m not a Bush hater, but this issue rings home with me.  In my state and city, the Hispanic, mainly Mexican population has triples in the last year.  I have no data to prove my point, but that’s because most of these people are illegal aliens.  Personally, I have no problem with people trying to better themselves by coming to our country, but do it the legal way, like my ancestors had to do coming from Ireland.  Several senators are coming up for reelection next year.  Find out if they support a stronger border, if they don’t, then don’t vote for them.  Also, we can petition our local government to stop this horrendous catastrophe.  The government allows these peoples kids in our schools and every other benefit for a U.S. resident.  Do you think they pay any taxes?  No.  Yes, I’m irritated by this issue,  and it’s about time for something to be done.  

In my area of the country, Hispanics are a large majority of the population.  Every sign and menu in public view is in English and Spanish.  Why should I have to learn Spanish for my job, when this is an English speaking country?  When my ancestors came to America, they spoke Gaelic, and had to learn English, so why should I, a U.S. citizen, have to learn Spanish.  This is unadulterated bull.  

Finally, I don’t intend on sounding hateful, because I’m not a hateful person, just irritated.


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