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Will the government fix the border?

Well it seems the president is going to take the border problem seriously.  I hope that he does, because it is a serious issue.  I know anyone that is reading my post is sick of my crying about the border, but my winning and moaning is a necessity to get anything done.  The problem with the border boils down to money.  I don’t care who’s in the white house, senate, or congress, they are not going to take money that would normally lace their own pockets, and put it towards sealing the border.  I mean everyone is lacing their pockets with money, whether they are democrat or republic.  This happens in every division of the government.  Most people that get started in politics, intending to do good for their fellowman, but perhaps got greedy with all that money being offered to pass a bad bill.  It’s a complicated mess, and getting worse with each day.  I promise not to rant on the border anymore, but it just ticks me off.  I guess you have already surmised that I’m off today.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to rant so much.  Have a good weekend and don’t party to hard…


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