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Sam Alito

Woe, Democrats are calling for blood, and Republicans are rejoicing.  What a Monday.  It is overwhelmingly possible that Sam Alito will be the new Supreme Court Justice.  I can’t wait for the Senate hearings, it will be better than watching a spectator sport.  I’ve not done to much research on the guy, so I don’t want to say much about him yet.  One interesting fact, Sam and Justice Antonin Scalia are both Italian, and they are conservative.  One reason that several democrats are crying, is that voting Sam in will throw off the balance of the court.  Will the Democrats filibuster Sam, or will he go through the hearings without a hitch?  What’s your opinion?

I hope I’m not boring anyone with all of this Political gibberish, but it is important, and people should know the facts.  Anyway, have a great Halloween or Hallows Eve, whichever phrase you use, and don’t eat to much.  I hope, I’m headed out the door to go to a party.  Happy Halloween…


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