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How does love feel

How does love feel?  Well folks, to me love is unending joy, that irritation, rush of emotions, and the thrill of finding the piece you never knew was missing but completes you.  Love is thinking of your significant other more than you think of yourself, and unbridled passion that cannot be beaten.  However, Love can be an ice pick being hammered into your head, or the most extreme pain you could ever contemplate.  Why am I bringing up such an unwieldy topic?  Well, I’ve been recently reminded what love is all about.  I’ve been on this earth thirty-three years and I know little to nothing about women.  LOLI have no advice for anyone, except to follow your heart.  For me, I rather have Love other than serenity, because love is spontaneous, and you never know what’s around the bend.  Anyhow, enough of this girly crap, I’m getting the hibbie-jibbies.  Have a nice Sunday…

Oh, love also causes insomnia, but that’s just me…


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