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Typical Day..

I have a good story for you.  The dean of IT at my college was speaking at a conference in my area, and he asked me to come check it out.  After he finished speaking, he asked if anyone had any questions, so I stood up, and he said, “Jefferson Davis, what’s your question”.  Several people in the auditorium gasped and turned to look at me.  After the conference, we were outside talking, and I got evil-eyed about twenty times.  That is just buncombe man.  I deal with this crap everyday.  However, I’m not ashamed of my name, but I get a little alarmed when in a large crowd acting stupid.  I can take care of myself though, and I’ve had to in the past.  People that are not from the south do not understand the Civil War is still in peoples minds.  My name is cool, but it does still cause much controversy.  I have great empathy for people that are treated like crap because of stupid bigotry.  Once people get to know me, they forget all about my name.  I just wish people would not be so judgmental from the get go.  Now, you know why the first thing you see on my blog is, “I’m not some racist nut”.  Anyway, have a good weekend.  Party on..


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