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Why is it that no on

Why is it that no one I meet today is real?  When I was growing up, I was taught to be real with everyone I met in life’s path.  Now, times have changed for the worse.  Today, people  have many facades to unravel.  I know several people who have been married for years thinking that they know their spouse, only to find out that their spouse has unveiled a new face.  I strive to be real with everyone I encounter, regardless of the consequences.  This is a social problem that has grown to epic proportions.  Perhaps people are afraid of showing their true selves, for fear of rejection or retaliation.  There are certain times that I’ve been inflicted with this disease of deception.  How many veils of deception do you wear?

Now, when it comes to women, I like a little deception and change in a woman.  I like something new around every turn.  That’s my opinion though….


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