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Sinn Fein's chief negotiator Martin McGuinness said, "We are serious about engaging with unionism. We want to see Ian Paisley sharing power," he said, adding that if that didn't work, "then the two governments (Dublin and London) need to come in and make it clear that joint decision making is the only way forward". The whole re-unification situation rest on the shoulders of Ian Paisley. I hope he does what is right for the Northern Irish people, because that is ultimately what is important. McGuinness also added, "The political landscape of the north is transformed. The political landscape in the south is changing as we speak. We are going to bring about the change...we are going to bring about the re-unification of our country". What's your say on a United Ireland? If you want more detailed news on uniting Ireland, then go check out United Irelander.


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