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"Just give me the money I would have had."

That is what Anna Nicole Smith wants from her estranged son-in-law. She married oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall in 1994, which was 89 at the time. Marshall was worth $1.6 Billion when he died in 1995. Anna only wants half of the money, which a California court granted her, but a Texas court decided against her being eligible for the money.

Now, the Supreme Court is in the middle of this mess between her and her son-in-law, Pierce Marshall. The Justices are leaning to her side already, according to what I've learned so far.

I don't know what to think about this woman. Yes, she is legally eligible to half the money, but she was only married to him for a year. On the other hand, he knew what he was getting himself into with her, so maybe he wanted her to have it. Can you imagine having half of that? Heck, I would be happy with a 10th of the estate. If she wins this case, then you'll probably see a ton of people marrying old hens and buzzards in hopes of getting part of their estate. Oh-Boy... :-)

Oh, I'll get back on the political band-wagon soon, I've just got a little burnt out by all the media.


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