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Well, being Irish is much the same as being from any other ancestry background. My state of South Carolina has 317,490 Irish-Americans or 7.9%, which is somewhat low. However, that is just the people that know or assume Irish ancestry. America as a whole has persons claiming Irish ancestry, 30,528,49210.8% of the total American population. Actually, those numbers surprised me; in fact, I was stunned. Most people that are in my age group and younger don’t know there ancestry, and they don’t even care. I care and was taught where my ancestors were from at a young age. They taught me the history, such as the potato famine that began in 1845, and caused the immigration to America. I love America and being American, but dammit I love being Irish too. However, I do not look down on anyone, regardless of where he or she might be from. I only look down on those that don’t know their history. Because after all, knowing your history is important in order to understand whom you are, and what you can learn from your ancestors. Why did I bring up this topic? Well St. Patricks Day is coming up in a few weeks, and I always try to celebrate my heritage. What is your say?


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