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Is the Avian Flu Epidemic scaring you?

Well, in the states, most people are dismissing the flu, but there are hypochondriacs that are panicking as I type. Seriously, if it can spread to India, then it can easily spread to the states. I’m not scared, we can’t stop the inevitable from happening. If it’s meant out wipe us out, then that is what it will do. I do feel terrible for all the people that are infected with it now, and those families that lost loved ones to the bird flu. These viruses are on the molecular level, for they don’t care if they infect a child are a hen. Don’t be scared, what ever happens-happens. Life’s short, enjoy it. If I stopped every freaking time I had a pain or a sting, I’d never move a muscle. People give up way too easily. American culture has raised a bunch of whinny and lazy children, whom are grown, yet still act like children. However, not all Americans are like that. Some of us are tough, hardworking, and unapologetic individuals. What’s your say? Do Americans cry Wolf to quickly? Also, I wanted to point out that America would not be what it is today, without hardworking men and women of yesteryear, especially those who fought in past wars, like World War II. Thanks let me know what you think…


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