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RedHeads - Oh Boy...

Did you know that true redheads only make up 5% of the global population? Yeah, it’s a cool fact that my hottie pointed out to me today. According to Deanna Joseph of Bella Online, “In ancient Ireland if a traveler were to happen upon a woman with red hair he must turn around and start his journey all over again. Red heads bring bad luck to a ship, don't sail with one on board. Redheads seem to be relatively recent in evolutionary terms, only being with us for about 20,000 years but in that short time a whole body of superstition has built up around them”. Now before you say, what are you doing on Bella (a woman’s site), well I was told to go check it out, so I did. Anyone who knows me also knows that I have a thing for redheaded women, so I guess that’s why I’m pointing this out. My writing is a little out of form, for I worked today, studied, went to the gym, and went out, so I’m a bit tired.

Deanna also added, “Macha, the red war-goddess makes a vengeful appearance in the second story of Ulster, in a terrible story of humiliation. This Macha placed the curse upon the men of Ulaid, for their mistreatment of her during her pregnancy. The curse was that during Ulster's hours of greatest need, the men of Ulster would suffer violent pangs like those of a woman giving birth. But Macha Mong Ruad, who also railed against the men of Ireland, was a great Queen in ancient times”. Yikes, I’m not pissing off any redheads, unless it is to my advantage. :-)

Anyhow, these interesting facts were pointed out to me, so I thought I’d pass it along. I love redheads. However, I have red tints mixed in with the blonde hair, so don't mess with me. LOL…


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