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For those of you stuck under a rock for the last month, the DPW is owned by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, which supposedly supported the Taliban in Afghanistan and al-Qaeda. According to World Net Daily, “As far back as 1999, U.S. intelligence spotted Osama bin Laden at a desert training camp in Afghanistan for about a week. There was an opportunity to destroy the entire camp with cruise missiles. But the operation was called off because an official aircraft from the UAE was spotted, along with members of the royal family”. They also added, “It turned out bin Laden was hunting with the princes of the UAE. Concerned that the princes might be collateral damage in a strike, the mission was called off. Two years later, 3,000 Americans were killed as a result”.

Personally, I can’t understand why America cannot take care of its own ports. There is hundreds of thousands of hardworking Americans that need a job right now, because times are tuff, regardless of the fluff you may see on TV. The US government for one stupid reason or another rather hire workers from Mexico or people from Arab countries that put our countries security at risk. Before you tag me as a racist, I’m not racist against people of the Islamic faith, I’m simply trying to look out for the better good of America, and hiring terrorist to watch our ports helps no one except them.

I’ll tell you one major problem we have here in America at the current time. We are too soft. Years ago if someone pushed us, we would push back with tremendous force. Now, we just let people push us around, like a bunch of whinny wimps. After getting that off my chest, I feel sad for our country and the shape it is in today. Even though the political spectrum is hideous and the world is dwindling downward, I still love America, and what Lady Liberty stands gracefully for in times of despair.

She stands as a beacon for all those coming to America to better themselves. However, do not cross her, for she may look harmless standing in the harbor, but her torch of freedom will smite you into dust. Just as Theseus smites Periphetes in Greek Mythology for killing strangers. Don’t mess with Lady Liberty…

Also, go check out A Tangled Web, David has some very interesting links about this story and a logical conclusion to why we don't need the UAE invading our ports.


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