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Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech jailed, over Prophet Mohammad Cartoon Scandal.

Three editors from the New York Observer resigned today over their freedom of speech being infringed upon. The editors had written a piece about the Denmark cartoon scandal, which has caused turmoil and death throughout Europe over the last week. Anyway, they were going to put the cartoons in the article, but were not allowed to do so by their manager. They said the paper bowed down to (in essence) the man, a.k.a. big brother. Harry Siege, which was one of the editors wrote, "New York Press, like so many other publications, has suborned its own professed principles”. Freedom of Speech is starting to wane at an inconceivable measure.

People think the future will be so great, but in reality, everything that happened in the past will come back to haunt us again in one form or another. I read a post recently that scared the dickens out of me. This person said that they hoped the USA would eventually join the Jell-O mold that is the EU. I find this offensive and obtuse to my way of life. Wait and see if they don’t start making life for those that live within the EUs net harder, and more toilsome that ever before. Maybe, that’s a little harsh, but I surely would not trust the EU if I were you, but I’m not. Believe me, the USA has more problems than I could list in an infinite posting, but the foundation is still there, even through all the bickering and mudslinging, freedom remains.

As human beings, regardless of where you live, we cannot let freedom of any type wane, in even a finite amount. Because once it starts going downhill, the gravity and inertia will carry it spiraling downward. I understand the sensibilities that these people have for their god being made a mockery of, and I don’t condone making fun of any religion, but Freedom must always stand firm. What’s your say on these cartoons?

Click on over to Wikipedia if you want to see the cartoons or links to sites that show them in detail. Notice, I do not like the outrageous and blatantly ridiculous remarks these editors have written in the past, but I have to stand with them on freedom of speech. If we ever lose that, then everything else will just fall to the wayside.


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