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The Exxon-Valdez disaster almost repeated...

The Exxon-Valdez accident of 1989 has been forgotten or blurred out of most people’s minds, perhaps by alcohol or some other mind-dulling drug. We draw a blank so quickly, going back to the daily grind of working, socializing, eating, and sleeping. Today, the accident from 1989 rushed back into hearts and minds, as a 600ft. oil tanker ran aground at Cook Inlet in Nikiski, Alaska. I can just imaging being a dockworker seeing that huge ship drift away, after the mooring line was cut by an ice flow. The ship had over five million gallons of oil and refined fuels in it at the time. Luckily, only eighty gallons leaked into the water. My only point is that it could have been a repeat of 1989, so why tempt fate by drilling in Alaska’s ANWR. I love the earth, like I love my family, and it drives me insane, to see such idiotic bureaucracy. What’s your opinion?


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