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Remembering Valentines Day

Seeing how this blog is my new home away from home, I thought I would share a Valentines Day story with you. I was at college Monday, which I’m always in classes on Monday. Anyway, I was in my public speaking class, and something interesting happened. We are separated into groups, so luckily, for me, I’m with three women, and none of them are married, so “Jefferson” was on the prowl. They know I’m spoken for, but I shoot the bull with them anyway. Anyhow, our project for Monday was to make our significant other a Valentines Day card. All the women made one and I made one for my significant other. Anyway, one of the women gives me a card, and I said thanks and we giggled and laughed about it, so I didn’t think that much about the card. When class was over, I gathered my belongings and went to speak to the professor, and left the card on the table. As I was talking to the professor I could overhear the women talking, and the one that gave me the card seemed upset. She proceeded to say to another woman that she had wrote something special to me on the other side of the card that I didn’t bother to read. They leave before I can get back to the table, and I ponder what was written on the card. I am a social idiot, for all these years of having girlfriends and going out, I stupidly left the card. What a moron I am. The message on that card is driving me crazy. What did it say? Jeezzz, I am an imbecile. What’s your thought?


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