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Farewell Mrs. King

Coretta Scott King was put to rest today. President Bush and former president George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter spoke at the funeral. Indeed, many tears were shed as the speakers spoke about the wonderful deeds that Coretta achieved in her 78 years. She was married to the infamous and Nobel Prizewinning Martin Luther King jr., who fought for civil rights and was ahead of his time. She was a lady of insurmountable recognition. She was laid beside her husband in an Atlanta cemetery. My favorite quote from her was, “Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated”. We can learn several lessons from great women like Coretta. Have we stopped hating one another? I think there’s still hatred and anger on both sides, which is sad because of all the hard work and dedication of people like Mrs. King. Personally, I don’t hate anyone, regardless of color, age, nationality, or religion. Kids learn from their parents, so my suggestion to everyone is to stop it with this generation, and don’t teach your children to hate what they don’t understand or is of a different color or race. What’s your say?


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