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Samuel Alito Part Deuce

Samuel Alito:  Part Deuce

Well, I told everyone that if I could find some info on Alito, that I would share it with you.  Indeed, I was reading one of about forty Irish Blogs that I go to everyday.  A lady named Fiona de Londras from Metal Meanderings had a post about Alito, from the Washington Post.  I don’t know how I missed this article, for I read that paper as much as I can.  Anyway, Senator Edward Kennedy wrote it, and contrary to what I believed, he made five very valid points why Samuel should not be on the Supreme Court.  I actually don’t think he was playing partisan politics.  He gave five of the most logical reasons for not nominating Alito.  Go check out the article, and then call your Senator please.  Let them know how you feel, regardless of political parties…


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