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Hypochondriacs bewar

Hypochondriacs beware, what I’m about to tell you could make you get a sore throat, fever, coughing, or muscle aches.  All of these symptoms are a part of the Avian Flu.  A turkey farm in North Carolina has been tested positive for a strain of the Avian Flu, a.k.a. bird flu.  The H3N2 strain of bird flu in turkeys on a farm in Sampson County was found.  However, calm down and relax your breathing, because H3N2 is not the deadly strain of the flu virus, but if you see a news flash that the H5N1 has been found in your area, then by all means panic.  

Speaking of North Carolina, the 1000th execution in NC will be at 2:00AM on Friday morning.  The 1000th prisoner is Kenneth Lee Boyd, who shot his wife and father-in-law in front of their two kids.  That’s all folks…  
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