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Will Condoleezza Ric

Will Condoleezza Rice run for President in 2008?  That would be the most dramatized and censored debates ever with Rice and Hillary going at each other.  Wow, I hope she does run, just so I can watch the debates.  Who do you think would win in that battle?  They are both intellectual women, and have degrees to prove it.  However, Condolezza has the Minority thing covered.  Of course, she’s not democrat, so most minorities would have their own battle over whom to vote for, but if she were democrat, then Hillary would have no chance.  The contest would be over before it had begun.  Hillary Clinton has wit, and experience at running her husbands White House, while he was out chasing women.  LOL…  In addition, Laura Bush told MSNBC, “I'm all for her. She says isn't going to run, of course, and I really don't think she will. But she'd be terrific”.  Anyway, I cannot wait, because that is going to be a freaking awesome battle.  What’s your say?


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