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Boycott sadam trial

Today, Condoleezza Rice accused European nations of boycotting the Sadam Trial.  Seemingly, she said this because they had not helped prosecute Sadam, or give damning information on him.  However, don’t think I’m in support of him, that man was evil as you can get.  Most European nations are against the death penalty, and I’m not here to argue that, because I feel the same way.  Being on one side or the other of the death penalty is a hard-line to walk. Mrs. Rice didn’t point out any certain country, yet concentrated on the European nations.  The support for Iraq is depleting day by day, while at the same time, bombings and deaths increase.  It’s not looking good, that’s for sure.  The future for Iraq, is like looking through a tunnel that is dimly light, everything on the other side is hazy and unrecognizable.  Will Sadam get the death penalty?  If it were up to most of the people in Iraq, then they would hang him.  The most important thing to remember is that the people of Iraq must prosecute Sadam themselves.  If we got involved, that would just be asking for trouble.  What’s your say?


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