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Yep, I've been bought off!

American Materialism at its best. :) Recently, I received my drivers license for the first time. You see, In America, if you have a seizer, the DOT (Department of Transportation) makes you wait five years before applying for them again. In other words, you loose your license and hope of ever getting them back.

After a logistical nightmare I finally have them. Freedom and independence used to be unattainable words in my life, but now I have a little bit of both. Of course, pondering that one is free, can only be an illusion. :)

So, my mother just bought me a new truck. I'm going to pick it up in a little while. Free at at last. For most of my life, I've had to beg and plead to go anywhere, only to have the person giving me the ride, gripe and moan all the way to the destination. Now, the tables have turned, and I cannot wait for somebody to ask me for a ride. I'll smile real big and say, "Sorry, I can't do it, for I just don't have the time". Ha Ha. :)

My family has effectively bought me off for the time being, but I'm still going to study abroad ASAP. Don't misunderstand me, I'm very grateful for the truck, but there is an underlying problem with materialism in this country that I refuse to take part in. In America, it's all about who can out do their neighbor. Everybody has to have the best shoes, latest fashion, baddest customized vehicle, and biggest muscles.

I do have another truck that I've had, since I was eighteen, but unfortunately I've never been able to drive it on the road. It is too nice to drive on the road, for it is a show truck. It's a 56 Ford Pickup, 383cu inch (6.28Liters) Chevrolet motor, a turbo 400 transmission, and a 12 bolt ford rear-end (I can't remember what gear it is to save my neck.). It also has a 67' Chevy Chevelle front clip under it, lowered, and it has a chopped top. Only short people can drive this rascal. :)

The new truck is a stock Dodge Dakota Sport. Nothing special about it, but it will be dependable, which my other truck never has been. It is dark blue with a finite tint of purple. The picture you see below has an extended cab, but mine does not. What can I say, except my another victim of materialism. :)

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