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Crazy Weekend...

Hi all, I've had a one of those weekends that doesn't really seem like a weekend at all. I'm a little out of sorts, probably because I've worked...Hmm...Oh well, I've done lost count on how me days I've worked in a row. Anyway, the week and weekend seemed to meld together like a mixture of Gruyere and fontina cheese into an exquisite fondue. Fondue that realeses a small whiff of white wine, with each bubble and blurp. Damn, I just gave away one of my secrets. Yep, I'm an avid amateur chef, and I've made myself hungry. :-)

Anyhow, I'll have some new post tomorrow. I'm working on two new short stories, one for the blog, and the other for the Second Skint Writer Competition. Also, the new podcast will be out tomorrow evening. Phil, here is picture of my new truck. I'm charged up, from my head down to my boots, for being able to go from point A to point B without any bull. I took the pic tonight, so ya can't tell much, but its a picture. :)


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