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Gas is cheap, at least for now...

Sorry about the blurry picture, but it was raining...

Gas is cheap at the moment, but it could climb back up at any instance. I'm not gloating...No, I would have to ask myself a serious question in order to do that. How many American, British, Australian, etc. soldiers had to die, in order for me to get cheap gas?
America: $1.97
UK: £1.04602

It is a hard question to ask ones self, but a correct question. Most Americans could care less, whether we are winning in Iraq, losing the war on terror, or about the political mud slinging, as long as they can get their essentials to survive. One of those vital essentials would be gas,of course. Another would be cable or satellite TV, so they (myself included) can sit around on their bums and watch Oprah and American Idol.

I would guess that I'm a traditionalist, which believes in the core values of America, but questions the current government.

What say you?

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