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Boot Camp..

As some of you techie people already know, Apple has released a program (A free program, which is strange for Apple to give away anything - Oh, it's in Beta), that lets users run Windows on a Mac. Most Mac enthusiast are outraged that Apple would stoop down to Microsoft's level. Although, I contend that if it gets more Windows users over to the Mac platform, then more power to them. I can't think of a better move for Apple to make; in fact, their stock went up 10% after PR announced it. Charles Cooper, which is an executive editor at had quite a few things to say about this story. What's your opinion?

Apple's not endorsing Windows. It's endorsing the idea of Windows running on a machine that it sells. Most of the securities analysts who follow the company immediately upped their price projections. The stock gained 10 percent in the next couple of frenzied trading sessions. As far as the Apple faithful posting on the online chat boards were concerned, Boot Camp was a stroke of genius. Period.

But dare I say this aloud? Boot Camp is a gimmick. A smart gimmick but a gimmick nonetheless.

Boot Camp functions as a security blanket for PC users who would wet their beds without their favorite Windows application. With one download, Apple removed any lingering barriers holding back the potential universe of switchers.



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